Marketo Marketing Automation Consultants

The Marketo marketing automation platform is a powerful tool that allows you to deploy optimized marketing content to your audiences, knowing that they are getting what they need most when they want it most and trusting in your marketing automation to execute on your behalf at scale.

But like all great innovations, the results are only as good as your plan and your execution. Sadly, many organizations are not getting the ROI they hoped for with Marketo.

That’s where we come in. Our Marketo marketing automation consultants, exclusively focused on working with B2B companies, can help you optimize personalized engagement with your target audiences. In short, if gaps in planning, deployment or execution are limiting your success with Marketo, we are here to help.

How Our Marketo Experts Can Help

Engaging with B2B buyers is half art, half science. The good news is our Marketo consulting services can help you on all of the above.

We’ve got the right mix of creative brainpower and technical prowess to get your Marketo instance jumpstarted towards a much brighter future. Every marketing automation consultant at Walker Sands has a passion for Marketo that shines through in the results we achieve for our clients.

Services we offer include:

  • Marketo Planning and Strategy — Defining a marketing automation strategy is the first step to higher ROI on your Marketo system. You won’t get far with marketing automation if you don’t first document your strategy.
  • Marketo Assessments and Audits –Our Marketo marketing automation assessment is a quick audit that determines how well your automation program is aligned with your business objectives and where you might need to improve with respect to plan, approach, skills, mechanics and execution.
  • Marketo Procurement Support — Thinking about buying Marketo? We provide guidance on procuring marketing automation solutions that can inform your Marketo decision and make sure you’re thinking through all the relevant requirements and use cases before you invest.
  • Marketo Setup and Launch –Need Marketo onboarding support? We’re here to help with setup and configuration. Our programs include extensive training and capabilities building, as well as hands-on design, content and planning support to launch your initial, go-live Marketo campaigns.
  • Marketo Platform Ports and Rebuilds — Migrating from Pardot, Hubspot another system to Marketo can be a challenge. We’ve learned a few lessons the hard way and now have the playbooks that will ensure a smooth migration.
  • Marketo Optimization — Want to get more out of your Marketo investment? Let us optimize your Marketo marketing automation system to overcome your obstacles and achieve your objectives.
  • Ongoing Marketing Automation Execution and Growth — For many of our Marketo clients, we are a trusted, long-term marketing partner, helping with whatever it takes to hit the numbers and get the job done.

Example Marketo Engagement: Global B2B Services and Content Company

After hearing about the services provided by our marketing automation experts, a global B2B services and content company came to us as they were consolidating seven separate Salesforce instances, acquired via M&A activity, into a single Salesforce instance.

With a charter to get Marketo working with the new consolidated Salesforce instance, we shut down the company’s prior instance of Marketo that had become unsalvageable due to poor oversight and our experts helped configure a new, from-scratch Marketo instance to support the consolidated entity’s marketing and lead generation objectives.

Based on our comprehensive Marketo audit and assessment analysis, we determined that data inconsistencies and general Marketo data hygiene were key issues that our Walker Sands Marketo consultants identified as needing to be addressed with urgency.

We cleaned up the Marketo contact database, eliminating duplicates and unmailable addresses, and in the processed reduced actionable contacts from 1.2 million to 600,000. While getting the Marketo instance set up, our Web Services team revamped the corporate website and rolled out localized sites for EMEA and APAC. We tightly integrated the new digital presence with Marketo, Salesforce, back-end analytics platforms and a number of third-party tools (for Marketo integrations with live events, webinars, Adwords, LinkedIn promotion and more).

About Our Chicago Marketo Consultants

Our Marketing Automation team is led by a Marketo Certified Expert who is one of only sixty global Marketo Champions and who has been recognized as one of only fifty Marketo Fearless 50 marketers. In addition to providing expert Marketo consulting services to our clients, we support the Marketo community through events and lead the Chicago Marketo Users Group.

An engagement team for a Marketo consulting engagement will typically include a Marketing Automation Manager, a Demand Generation Analyst, and a Digital Marketing Specialist — with oversight from a Walker Sands Vice President from our Digital Services group. Additional resources will join that core team, based on the specifics of your needs.

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