Pardot Marketing Automation Consultants

Expectations are high when you invest in the Pardot marketing automation platform.

But, sadly, the points of failure with Pardot marketing automation are many — everything from not having a plan to not having the right content to just mismanaging the entire thing.

We specialize in marketing automation success, with the goal of showing your Marketing team the path to marketing glory. If Pardot isn’t yet delivering results that amaze, talk to our Pardot marketing automation consultants to learn how you can get significantly better results with your Pardot instance.

How Our Pardot Consultants Can Assist You

The Pardot marketing automation experts at our integrated marketing agency are uniquely well-suited to assist you with getting the most out of Pardot.

Whether you are in procurement mode, want to build on your current Pardot initiatives, are running into problems or just want a partner to help with Pardot marketing automation execution, our team is here to help.

With a broad array of talents and expertise to bring to bear on any challenge, we can help you with:

  • Accomplishing a broad-based goal like doubling the number of inbound leads you get each month or reaching an ambitious target for opt-in contacts in your lead database
  • Improving your Pardot instance administration
  • Building higher-performing Pardot campaigns
  • Helping with setup tasks, such as properly connecting Salesforce and Pardot with the Pardot-Salesforce Connector sync a prospect from Pardot to Salesforce
  • Making sure CRM integration is optimized, so you can track your engagement with prospects in Salesforce
  • Determining and implementing a smarter approach to Pardot prospect segmentation
  • Extending Pardot’s functionality with connected apps
  • Helping you with Pardot forms and Pardot form handlers
  • Educating your team on best practices for email marketing with Pardot
  • Eliminating any Pardot email deliverability issues
  • Troubleshooting common Pardot issues like duplicate leads or CRM sync problems
  • Getting the most out of the Pardot Engagement Studio
  • Going beyond Pardot’s fairly limited reporting features
  • Improving the way you qualify and score sales leads with Pardot
  • Making sure your connections and approach are right to deliver useful B2B marketing analytics data
  • Implementing important Cybersecurity precautions, such as using Variable Tag Modifiers, to make Pardot secure
  • Getting you started with advanced concepts like Pardot Engage campaigns and determining whether it would make sense for you to use Pardot Einstein
  • Defining ideal workflows and processes for running Pardot to support multiple international business units
  • Using Pardot on new business initiatives other than traditional lead gen, like recruiting scare employee talent or improving customer retention or driving higher use of a SaaS product

Our marketing automation consulting firm supports a global client base, and we’ve got the Pardot experts you need to undertake to handle anything and everything related to Pardot. Get in touch and let’s see where the conversation takes us.

Developing a Master Plan for Your Pardot Campaigns

Our clients typically have some specific goals for marketing with Pardot.

Some are interested in getting new B2B leads to drive revenue growth. Others are interested in getting more engagement with a SaaS offering to ensure customer retention and reduce churn.

Some have a healthy middle-stage funnel but need help nurturing leads to close, while others want us focused on transitioning their existing customers into an upsell or cross-sell offering.

Pardot ROI improvement always starts with a good, realistic plan. Plans can be quite simple, so putting together a plan for your Pardot marketing automation system need not be viewed as a daunting task.

Here are six steps that will get you a decent Pardot plan in a hurry:

  • List out the top three business goals that Marketing is charged with supporting
  • For each business goal, define one marketing goal that you’ve committed to achieving. You’ll end up with three marketing goals, each of which should be SMART (Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely)
  • For each marketing goal, define the target audience(s) you need to engage with. Discuss whether you have the contact database already or whether you need to build or acquire it somehow.
  • For each audience, include any information you’ve got from prior buyer persona research. List out the key messages you want to get in front of the audience via Pardot, and what the various actions you want them to take are.
  • List out the content you have (or need to create) that will get the engagement you want. Discuss how you intend to deliver that content to your audiences via Pardot campaigns. In some cases, this will identify content gaps that need to be built out as part of your plan.
  • Bring it all together with a workplan and timeline. What’s going to happen when? Who’s responsible? What’s the critical path? What else needs to be done to execute and where does it fit into your schedule?

If you work through the steps above, you’ve got your Pardot marketing automation plan.

Can it be more complicated than that? Of course. But if you don’t yet have a plan, our advice is always to start simple. You can always add more sophistication to the plan later.

If you need help building out your Pardot marketing automation strategy, we’re here for you. If the plan’s done, and you need a helping hand on execution, our experts are ready. Get in touch and we’ll get started.

Signs You May Need a Pardot Marketing Consultant

Still on the fence about whether you need to bring a Pardot agency? Here are some signs that the time is right:

  • You don’t have a documented marketing automation plan
  • Sales is complaining about the number or quality of leads you are generating for them
  • Something seems wrong with your Pardot-to-Salesforce integration
  • Your Pardot lead funnel data seems incorrect
  • Management is second-guessing your decision to buy Pardot, and you need help proving them wrong
  • Your prospect database is a disaster, with duplicate contacts, missing information and inaccurate segmentation
  • Pardot is accusing you of emailing contacts who didn’t opt-in to receive your marketing emails
  • Your emails look great in your test messages, but once you send them you learn that the formatting is messed up for some recipients.
  • You’re understaffed and have way too much work
  • The marketing pipeline is way to thin and you’re seeing too much attrition, preventing your team from delivering enough sales-qualified leads
  • You feel like your landing pages and emails should have higher conversion rates than you are getting
  • You’ve been told you have to migrate from another marketing automation solution over to Pardot
  • End users keep making mistakes, and you’d like to get better Pardot processes and Pardot training in place

Fixing Common Pardot Marketing Automation Problems

The Pardot problems, issues and challenges we’ve discussed above are all easily fixed.

Our Pardot experts can debug and resolve any challenges you are experiencing with your Pardot instance. We can help if your Salesforce leads are not syncing properly, if you’ve got duplicate Pardot contact records that are causing problems, or if your lead scores don’t seem correct.

Whatever the issue, the odds are that the Pardot marketing automation experts at Walker Sands have seen and fixed the problem before.

About Our Pardot Marketing Automation Consultants

Our team is passionate about marketing, marketing automation and Pardot.

We’ve been doing this for a while and were on the leading edge of many concepts and best practices that are now widely used throughout the Pardot user community. Doing well with Pardot requires marketing expertise, creativity, discipline and engineering prowess — there are very few marketing automation agencies other than Walker Sands that have the right mix of talent and experience.

For our Pardot clients, we offer the following useful services:

  • Pardot Planning and Strategy – Let us help you with developing your Pardot plan. We can handle it while you focus on more important things.
  • Pardot Assessments and Audits – A quick check-up by our experts can help you hone in on the most important thing to do first with your Pardot system.
  • Pardot Procurement Support – We help with requirements definition and vendor evaluation. Let’s make sure Pardot is the right product for your organization!
  • Pardot Setup and Launch – New to Pardot? It’s really important to get off to a strong start. We’d love to show you how.
  • Pardot Platform Ports and Rebuilds – We’ve done migrations to Pardot for a number of clients. Our workplans will ensure you execute with the right sequencing and avoid some common Pardot migration mistakes.
  • Pardot Optimization – You know you can get more out of Pardot, but you’re not sure how. Our optimization team will get Pardot humming for you.
  • Ongoing Marketing Automation Execution and Growth – We love nothing more than a trusted partner relationship, where we co-execute with you and your team, and the great results come rolling in.

Connect Your Business with More Future Customers

We know there are many marketing automation consulting providers you can choose from.

We’ve got the inbound demand gen expertise you need to jumpstart lead generation for you and get that pipeline hopping. We love nothing better than seeing our work result in Closed Won leads that wouldn’t have come in otherwise.

If your company uses Salesforce as its CRM, there’s a strong argument for using Salesforce Pardot as your marketing automation platform. It’s an incredibly powerful marketing tool.

But Pardot won’t generate the leads on its own. It’s all about how you set it up and run your campaigns.

We’d love to help you to optimize your Pardot marketing automation and campaign results. Give us a try and let the results speak for themselves.

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