Marketing Automation Consulting Firm Offerings

Walker Sands takes great pride in being one of the best marketing automation consulting firms in the country. Our range of marketing automation service offerings includes:

Marketing Automation Strategy

We help create, implement and execute marketing automation strategies.

Based on a quick set of diagnostics, we help our clients understand the role of marketing automation in achieving business goals. We map out a vision of the future that fully taps into the power of marketing automation. We then prioritize initiatives against business goals, based on current situation, gap analysis, impact, cost, effort and elapsed time to achieve results.

The end result is a marketing automation roadmap that is strategically aligned with business objectives and optimized for ROI.

Of course, sometimes people say they want a marketing automation strategy, and what they really want is a tactical execution strategy to get quick results on a pressing objective. No marketing automation strategy is cookie-cutter, so it’s really about your needs and what you are trying to accomplish. The common denominator is smart Walker Sands marketing automation consultants in the room, focused intensely on helping you to be successful.

Marketing Automation Audits and Assessments

In many scenarios, it can be helpful to get an expert opinion on how you’re doing with marketing automation. Insiders are usually too close to the situation and management prefers an objective review. Of course, in some cases, our marketing automation assessments can help insiders to get backing from management for further investment. At the end of the day, everyone wants marketing automation to help grow the business, so interests are usually aligned.

We tailor our marketing automation assessments and audits to the task at hand. If you’ve just got a few known issues and want to isolate root cause, the engagement scope can be limited to that. If you want a holistic review of your instance and your execution, we can tailor the size of our assessment to meet your needs and fit your budget.

Marketing Automation Procurement Support

If you are new to marketing automation, we recommend you consider our marketing automation procurement support services. We’ve helped many of our clients to buy their marketing automation software and have a time-tested process that helps pick the best solution.

Without outside assistance, buying a marketing automation solution can be challenging, and it always helps to have an outside expert involved to avoid second-guessing from management later on and to mitigate the very real risk of making the wrong decision.

Marketing Automation Setup and Launch

We developed our marketing automation configuration and launch services after we realized that many companies incorrectly configure their marketing automation instance and then start using it in a way that creates downstream problems and limits the ability to get good business results.

Some vendors may tell you that they have an onboarding process and ample setup documentation, so you don’t need assistance from third-party marketing automation agencies. The smart ones will steer you our way. There’s simply too much at stake to not get things right out of the gate.

Marketing Automation Platform Ports and Rebuilds

It happens. Sometimes your marketing automation instance can get so messed up that it needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. It’s faster to start fresh than to fix everything that’s broken. This is the particularly the case when there’s been a lot of M&A activity or employee turnover.

In other cases, we’ve had clients that need to, say, switch from Marketo to Hubspot because they’ve been acquired by a Hubspot shop. For those scenarios, it’s not a rebuild per se. Our marketing automation experts are more focused on migration, getting all the contacts over to the new system, porting drip campaigns, converting landing pages and more.

Given how common these scenarios are, we’ve created a set of marketing automation solution migration and rebuild services geared to get you restarted with your new instance. If you’re in need, please get in touch.

Marketing Automation Optimization

Optimization means a lot of things to a lot of people. It can be about getting better results from marketing automation or it can be about fine-tuning the mechanics under the hood as they relate to tactical execution and reporting.

Our approach to marketing automation optimization is flexible. We focus our expertise on the things that matter most to you.

Ongoing Marketing Automation Execution and Growth

Given the scarcity of talented marketing automation pros, we’re often asked to just run everything. That can range from full BPO (business process outsourcing) support or short-term assistance.

We stay only as long as we need to. A big part of our ongoing marketing automation execution services often involves training your team to run your marketing programs without us.

A Marketing Automation Partner that Delivers

There’s a common thread across all our marketing automation offerings — we deliver results above and beyond expectations.

With an intense focus on delivering results that move the needle on your business objectives, we put your success above ours and we won’t rest until the job is done.

Give us a try. Some of the top B2B CMOs in the world, now our friends and trusted partners, have taken that leap of faith and never looked back.

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