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Site Redesign

Every few years, you will need to refresh your corporate website. When executed effectively, a site redesign can significantly increase sales, website traffic, SEO performance and conversions. At Walker Sands, our digital, content and website design experts help you maximize the return on investment in a new site look and feel, while implementing the foundational elements you need for success.

Typical Site Redesign Process

Before we begin a redesign project, we work closely with key stakeholders in your organization to determine the most important business goals and audience requirements for your new website. Although the specific details of your site redesign vary based on your business model, industry, budget and goals, we have a proven methodology that drives every redesign project to ensure we achieve meaningful business results and measurable improvements in site performance.

This process incorporates the following elements:

  • Goal Identification: Before pursuing a website redesign, it’s critical to establish your goals and anticipated outcomes. Without clearly defining your desired results, your website overhaul will likely result in misaligned content and messaging, and poor site performance, wasting valuable time, resources and money.
  • Site Architecture and Design Requirements: You must determine whether your current site architecture and navigation is effective. In most redesign cases, the site architecture is outdated and does not drive audiences down the appropriate conversion path. A big reason for this is the fast-paced nature of digital and website design. If it’s been a few years since you launched your site, you will likely need to reevaluate your current site architecture.
  • Maintenance Needs: With any marketing initiative, especially something as important as your website, ongoing maintenance and improvement are key. Be sure to secure an outside resource for maintenance support if you do not have the adequate expertise in house. This requires programming, CMS management and content support.

Once you have considered these important planning prerequisites, you can begin the process of redesigning your website. By focusing on cohesive messaging, strong content and compelling designs, you can ensure your site redesign is benefits both your organization and key audiences.

How to Optimize Content in a Site Redesign

There are several ways you can improve content in the redesign process:

  • Optimize site copy by making it concise and easy to scan with bullets, subheads, in-text calls to action and strong proofreading.
  • Position sidebar calls to action above the fold of your web page and make them stand out visually with attention-grabbing headlines and action-oriented language.
  • Simplify forms to include only the must-have information and improve conversions.
  • A/B test to determine the most effective ad copy and design elements.
  • Incorporate multimedia content and videos to engage visitors and keep them on your site longer.

A site redesign can be a daunting task, especially for resource-strapped marketing departments. It’s worth it for companies to enlist the support of experienced professionals with the right website design resources to improve your results and speed up your go-to-market launch. If you are ready to redesign your site, fill out the form to learn more about our comprehensive design, content, SEO, digital strategy and programming services.

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