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SEO: Title Tags of the Rich and Famous

Ken Gaebler

Most Big Companies Don't Get SEO
Most big companies underutilize SEO. A Walker Sands analysis of Fortune 100 company SEO tactics shows considerable room for improvement.

It must be nice to be so big that you don't even have to bother understanding search engine optimization (SEO) basics.

Based on a quick analysis of Fortune 100 SEO practices, it appears that many large companies don't yet have religion on the importance of SEO to drive business growth.

Even SEO newbies understand the value of the HTML title tag in driving search engine results. Of the hundreds of factors that influence search engine results, the title tag is arguably the most important SEO factor.

In this blog post, I've listed the home page title tags for every Fortune 100 company, and the results are a bit surprising.

The quick takeaway from these results is that the vast majority of Fortune 100 companies haven't bothered to optimize their home page title tag.

It's indicative of all-around SEO ineptitude. If the home page is not well optimized, based on some spot checks, I've found that it's highly likely that the rest of the site is not well-optimized.

I wonder if the CEOs and Marketing SVPs of these Fortune 100 companies ever wonder why they don't show up well in the search results.

Walker Sands, which has a very strong SEO consulting offering, could take these companies to the stratosphere in terms of SEO results, as could a few other top SEO consulting firms. For many of these Fortune 100 companies, it would undoubtedly drive revenues in a way that would be 1000X ROI on the investment they'd have to make. It would maybe even let them blast past their earnings targets, which so heavily play into the overall company valuations.

It's odd. Most of these Fortune 100 firms don't seem to understand the power they have in their hip pocket, power that the vast majority of them are not tapping into.

Seriously, this is some serious firepower that is sitting idle. Because they are mostly public companies with zillions of inbound links, they've got the Google PageRank to dominate the search results. But they don't. Why is that?

If you've got an idea as to why large companies don't do SEO well, please post a comment below. In the meantime, for your perusal, here are the title tags of the Fortune 100, for better and for worse.

Fortune 100 SEO In Action -- Home Page Title Tags