PR Advice for Your Growth Stage Company

Moving beyond the seed and startup phase of business development into a growth stage company is an exciting transition for a brand. But to transition to the next stage of growth, you’ll need a carefully developed PR strategy that leverages cutting-edge concepts and best practices.

Sounds good, right? But how are you going to get there?

Public Relations Tips for a Growth Stage Company

At Walker Sands, we specialize in creating a cohesive public relations strategy for growth stage companies. There are several ways that we help brands that have started earning revenue continue their rapid growth.

  • Identify Your Audience – Who is your key audience? Are they young professionals? Independent business owners? Focus on a few key groups that closely align with your brand. Determine what they're reading and how they're interacting on social media. By identifying your core audiences, you can improve your ability to align messaging with customers and prospects.
  • Develop Relationships with Reporters – An experienced PR agency knows how to find reporters who are writing about the topics that matter to your audience. At Walker Sands, we identify those reporters and develop key relationships with them. We know what topics they cover and how they prefer to receive information. Even more, we check editorial calendars to ensure we're sharing the most relevant information at the right times.
  • Create Key Messages – Know how to explain who your company is and what you do to anyone, anytime. This description—and others relating to your brand—should be integrated into external communications and shared with reporters, influencers and audiences. It’s a good starting point for creating solid and cohesive brand messaging.
  • Target Thought Leadership Opportunities – Analyze industry topics with your company's executives to uncover relevant issues. This allows you to determine how to become part of industry conversations in a more meaningful way. Position your company as an industry leader through blogs, speaking engagements and contributed bylines.

A public relations strategy that includes these elements can help a growth stage company experience an increase in market visibility, brand credibility and sales.

Walker Sands: Taking Your Growth Stage Company to the Next Level

At Walker Sands, we know that you have your sights set on the next stage of development for your growth stage company. Through customized and comprehensive PR campaigns, your brand can continue to achieve the growth and recognition it deserves.

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