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Leaving Footprints: An Intern's Perspective

Sam Sleva

I knew what I was looking for when I began my spring internship search. As a pro at coffee making and copy retrieving, I was seeking something a bit more meaningful for my newest internship endeavor. When I came across the Walker Sands opportunity I immediately saw that it offered just that. While researching the company's website, I stumbled upon the origin of the Walker Sands name. Expecting to find a history of Mr. Walker or Mr. Sands, I instead found that the company was founded on the words of a favorite poem. Intrigued, I kept reading to find the deeper mission of the company – to leave footprints in the sands of client’s, employee’s, and partner’s lives. From this I took away two things. First, Walker Sands strives to create meaningful and lasting impressions, something unique in the fast-paced world of business communication. Second, this would be a place that not only promised growth in the development of PR skills and strategies, but personal growth as well.

After my first two weeks in the office, I can say that I was not misled by Walker Sands’ mission. From day one I have felt welcomed and valued not only as an intern, but as a colleague. I have been thrown right into the mix, and leave each day feeling challenged. I only hope that I will leave my own lasting footprints on the lives of the people I meet during my time here.

As for an introduction of myself, my name is Sam Sleva and I am a senior at Loyola University Chicago. I will be graduating in May with a degree in Public Relations, Advertising, and Marketing. I’m originally from Elyria, Ohio, and as a result I am a huge fan of all Cleveland sports, but my one true love is Ohio State football. Go Bucks! A fun fact for you: During my time abroad during my junior year of college, I rode a camel and ate a scorpion among other things. I love spontaneity, inspiration, words, people, puzzles, and peanut butter. I also may be slightly obsessed with Glee… but who can blame me really?

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more!