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AIT Worldwide SEO and Content Strategy

Keyword and content optimization drive impressive organic traffic growth for logistics leader.

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Businesses around the world rely on AIT Worldwide’s global logistics strategies to improve supply chain performance, and simplify domestic and international logistics.

But when the existing SEO and content strategy’s performance plateaued and wasn’t delivering any new value to the website or its users, Walker Sands refocused content efforts to reignite organic traffic growth.

year-over-year increase in organic traffic

increase in overall traffic to AIT’s location pages

spot in Google search results for “Ground Shipping Services” and “Residential Delivery Service,” currently higher than FedEx

The Challenge

AIT Worldwide is an international transportation and logistics company that leverages creative shipping solutions to take the complexity out of conducting business globally. Despite a recently updated website and initially strong organic search results, the company stopped seeing measurable traffic increases for industry-related search terms.

To drive organic traffic and improve search engine performance, Walker Sands developed a strategy that identified content with room for improvement, while simultaneously removing low-quality pages.

The Solution

The Walker Sands team conducted a careful analysis of existing content on AIT Worldwide’s website, flagging content that fell into two main categories:

  1. Content that was performing well but could be updated to improve ranking in search engine results.
  2. Content that was cannibalizing other high-quality pages through similar keyword targeting.

After identifying this content, Walker Sands maximized AIT’s existing investment by strategically consolidating and improving upon the content they own, as opposed to adding more pages to the site.

The strategic content consolidation resulted in a 20 percent reduction in the number of pages on AIT Worldwide’s website. With a greater focus on content quality instead of content quantity, we were able to elevate AIT’s overall site performance and observe measurable improvements in organic search traffic and page rankings.

The Results

Search engine optimization is a journey, not a destination. For AIT Worldwide, we continue to deliver incremental improvements to search traffic as our SEO and content experts evaluate and strengthen the content across the company website.

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