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Friday Five: 8/11-8/15

Theresa Ianni

Happy Friday! Here’s a roundup of industry news for the week.

Just How Big Will Sales Acceleration Technology Get? - Venture Beat

If you don't already know, sales acceleration technology bridges the gap between CRM and marketing automation using data visualization, sales intelligence and predictive analytics, among other technologies. Companies who have already used sales acceleration technologies have experienced increased revenue, bigger deals, faster sales cycles and higher close rates, supporting the argument for companies to invest. As technology evolves, companies must look for ways to stay competitive. Sales acceleration technology is one way to do so.

Twitter is Testing Out Promoted Video Ads - Forbes

Are you ready for a more engaging Twitter feed? Facebook finished  testing and launched video advertisements 5 months ago, and Twitter is following suit. While still in Beta mode, the video ads will build upon Twitter Amplify, and will start when users click a businesses ad. The video ads come after Twitter found that native videos perform better in a newsfeed than outside videos. Twitter keeps growing, according to their quarter two report, and the team believes that video ads will allow the social network to compete more closely with Facebook. Will Twitter's video ads increase enough revenue to make the company number one, or will Facebook continue to reign as king?

Intel and SMS Audio's in-ear wearable fitness tracker could mark the beginning of a new Intel - The Next Web

Wearable technology is a growing industry, and Intel is looking to become a major player with their new partnership with SMS Audio. The partnership created headphones that look completely normal, but track heart rate while exercising. This allows for a more in-depth analysis of a workout, more accurate than other wearable technologies that only track a person's step count. Intel's new product and partnership with SMS Audio is proof that differentiating a technology company is essential, especially as the wearable technology industry grows.

Facebook to Track Users Across Devices to Study Shopping Behaviors - Bloomberg Businessweek

Facebook is at a crossroads, once again, trying to balance privacy concerns with sales goals. In an effort to prove that Facebook mobile advertising drives sales, Facebook now allows advertisers to measure clicks, and see what devices the clicks are coming from. Facebook found that out of all people who see mobile advertisements, 32 percent of them take action on a desktop. But is this worth the risk of privacy breaches?

Spring, David Tisch's Latest Venture, Is Instagram for Shopping - TechCrunch

What do you get when you combine the features of Instagram, Uber and Tinder? Spring, a fashion app that allows you to swipe right to make a purchase. Users can pick their favorite brands and browse the stores from their smart phones to easily make online purchases. Similar to Uber, after users make one purchase, their credit card and billing information is saved, making repeat purchasing simple. More than 100 brands are jumping on board the "universal shopping app," and it will be interesting to see the success of this fashion-focused app.

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