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Friday Five: 3/30-4/3

Brittany Martin

Happy Friday! Here’s a round-up of some of this week’s top news in the tech industry:

Amazon launches Home Services—The Verge

On to the next venture, Amazon continues to find new ways to be a go-to source for consumer needs. This time, the leader in eCommerce has launched its new home services program allowing Amazon to assemble and repair purchases. So that cabinetry you bought on Amazon can also be installed through the company OR that fancy espresso-maker you bought, but then broke can be repaired by Amazon professionals.

(Image courtesy of Tech Crunch)

Apple's Tim Cook speaks out against pro-discrimination laws – CNET

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, voiced his concerns this week about the wave of pending legislation in more than two dozen states, reflecting Indiana’s controversial new law calling for “religious freedom." Cook and many others fear this law will allow for discrimination against the LGBTQ community in making hiring/firing decisions, etc.

Many are following suit in voicing intolerance against Indiana’s new law, with companies like Amazon backing out of the upcoming data conference in Indianapolis next month, protesters backing out of attending the March Madness Final Four Games and business trips to Indiana being cancelled.

Homeless People Read Mean Tweets About Themselves To End Stereotypes – Huffington Post

An emotional impact campaign instead of a comedy roast, the bold Canadian advocacy group called Raising the Roof, has lead a moving PSA that has gotten the media’s attention. For the campaign, homeless people were asked to read heartbreaking tweets of people attacking the homeless community for being, dirty or smelly, and therefore undeserving of help. This movement, coining the hashtag, #HumansforHumans, looks to spark both emotion and change in giving to the needy on the streets.

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IBM to Invest $3 Billion in Sensor-Data Unit—Wall Street Journal

IBM announced on Tuesday, its plans to invest $3 billion over the next four years on a new business to help customers collect and analyze the abundance of data from sensor-equipped devices and smartphones. Additionally, the computing leader has agreed upon an alliance with the Weather Company, to work together in exploiting data about weather conditions to assist businesses in making better decisions.

Sprint talking with Jay Z's Tidal streaming music service—USA Today

Jay Z has just become the first music artist to launch his own streaming music service, to feature exclusive releases of some of his besties like Kayne, Rihanna and of course his girl Beyoncé. Not going unnoticed by investors, Sprint has voiced interest in forming a partnership with Tidal for the sake of, “reestablishing the value of music,” and, “NOT a financial investment or exclusive partnership.” We’ll see how Tidal stacks up against Pandora and Spotify in the months to come.

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