Why You Need a PR Agency in San Francisco With an Integrated Approach

At one time, B2B tech brands approached public relations and marketing as siloed services that never really crossed paths. But times have changed. Working with a PR agency in San Francisco that combines PR and digital marketing has the potential to completely transform your campaign efforts by blending to the two into an all-inclusive, unified strategy.

Integrated campaigns can help your B2B tech brand if:

  • You aren’t getting enough qualified leads.
  • Prospective customers aren’t familiar with your brand.
  • You’ve come in below target sales goals.

Sound familiar? Then it’s time to seek out the help of a PR agency in San Francisco with a firm grasp on developing and executing integrated campaigns.

Benefits of Working With a PR Agency in San Francisco that Integrates PR and Digital Marketing

The problem with deploying individual public relations and marketing programs is that they sometimes fragment messaging and confuse potential customers. This is especially true if you rely on one agency to handle PR, and a different agency to handle marketing.

By partnering with a PR agency in San Francisco that also handles marketing, you’re coordinating campaigns to work together in a way that their still able to reach your organizational goals. Additional benefits of working with an agency that integrates PR and  digital marketing efforts include:

  1. Cohesive Brand Messaging – You work hard to develop your brand’s tone and messaging, and want it remain consistent across all channels. When you use separate PR and marketing agencies, brand messaging can get tweaked and lead to confusion among buyers. Working with an integrated agency means PR and marketing teams will coordinate, ensuring a consistent message that is deployed across all channels, whether that’s in-print or digitally.
  2. Improved Brand Visibility Across Multiple Channels – Brands that leverage only public relations or only marketing are missing out on several platforms for brand awareness. An integrated solution earns you recognition across traditional channels (print, direct mail, television, etc.), as well as digital channels (websites, email, social media, mobile, etc.). An integrated agency will develop strategies for tackling each of these channels and maintain consistent brand visibility and brand awareness across both traditional and digital mediums.
  3. Increased Inbound Leads & Conversions – A PR agency in San Francisco that leverages an integrated approach to PR and digital marketing can increase the number of leads you receive and consequently, the number of conversions. When you combine digital marketing and PR, you’re able to reach prospective buyers further along in the marketing and sales funnel, as opposed to prospects reached through traditional marketing or PR methods. 

Walker Sands understands the importance of integrating public relations and marketing better than most. We’ve watched the B2B buyer journey dramatically shift, requiring companies to alter their strategies for reaching prospective clients. Our integrated approach strategically combines the following to help you achieve real results:

No other PR agency in San Francisco approaches integrated campaigns quite like Walker Sands. See for yourself – contact us today to get started. 

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