Developing a Strategy for Digital Marketing in San Francisco

Digital marketing in San Francisco has evolved beyond a few email campaigns, especially for B2B tech brands. It now involves several digital elements that have to come together to create a successful marketing strategy. But like any other aspect of your business, too much focus on one channel and not enough focus on others can result in a poorly executed strategy that doesn’t yield much in the way of measurable results.

Instead of attempting to craft a successful digital marketing campaign that addresses the proper channels, on your own, it’s beneficial to hire a firm that has the resources to give each aspect the attention it deserves.

Elements of Digital Marketing in San Francisco

The right digital marketing firm can deliver tailored services and solutions that help you achieve a maximum return on investment. But more importantly, they’ll craft an effective digital marketing strategy by combining:

  • Engaging and Responsive Website Design – Since prospects will interact with your website using smartphones and other mobile devices, it’s important that your site features responsive design. With a responsive site, users can view content and convert – even if they’re using a mobile device.

  • Search Engine Optimization – SEO has evolved way beyond keyword stuffing. You still need keywords – but now it’s about incorporating them into useful, relevant content for readers. A strong SEO program increases organic web traffic, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates and page views.

  • Social Media – Once a platform for consumers to share pictures and updates, social media has become the ultimate tool for businesses to connect with customers. A presence on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn offers a great opportunity to boost brand awareness and build your thought leadership profile.

  • Content Marketing – Any firm specializing in digital marketing in San Francisco should include content marketing in its overall strategy. Why? Because content is woven into other marketing elements like social media, email marketing, SEO and brand messaging. Strong content will effectively tell your brand’s story to potential buyers.

  • Measurement and Reporting – B2B tech marketing departments are under constant pressure to demonstrate tangible results, which is difficult to do if its digital marketing firm doesn’t measure the effectiveness of campaigns. Make sure you select a partner that delivers in-depth reports with key metrics in your marketing campaigns. With consistent reporting and analytics, you’ll be able to tweak your strategy to increase effectiveness and achieve the highest possible ROI.

Digital Marketing in San Francisco Made Simple

At Walker Sands, we understand how difficult it is to compete in the B2B tech space.

The good news is that Walker Sands is a full-service digital marketing firm, offering best-in-class services to B2B tech brands across a range of industries. Our strategic integrated approach makes us the premier firm for digital marketing in San Francisco.

Strategy focused. Results driven. That’s the Walker Sands way. Contact us today to get started.

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