How to Hire a Branding Agency in San Francisco

Your brand is what makes your company unique. It’s the embodiment of who you are as a business, which is why working with a branding agency in San Francisco can help share your brand message with both customers and prospects.

Remember the 3 D’s When Looking for a Branding Agency in San Francisco

A results-driven brand strategy doesn’t happen overnight. It takes careful planning and execution. If you’re ready to choose a branding agency in San Francisco, the firm you select should be able to handle every element of brand strategy development for your B2B tech company.

These three D’s will serve as a helpful guide in your search. The branding agency you choose should:

  1. Develop Key Messages – Brand messaging is like a story. It describes who you are, what you bring to the table and what your products or services can do. A marker of a good branding agency is a team that works with you to uncover the nuances and unique dimensions of your company. Once these key messages are solidified, you can weave them into other strategy pieces like content, websites and social media.
  2. Design an Attractive Website – For most prospects, your website is their first impression of your brand. How far do you think poor design and a less-than-average webpage will go? When narrowing down contenders in your branding agency search, include agencies that have website design capabilities and can create a user-friendly, visually appealing site. You don’t need to build your entire website from scratch – sometimes a simple refresh can breathe new life into your existing site.
  3. Dive Into Digital Marketing – Most companies stick with a traditional PR program to help build their brand. While PR is certainly effective, sometimes it needs to be supplemented by additional services. That’s where digital marketing comes in. Pay-per-click ads, SEO, email marketing and more can give your branding strategy the boost it needs to really see results. If you want to include a digital marketing element, pick a branding agency in San Francisco that can manage a digital strategy for you.

Ultimately, your brand strategy hinges on your ability to maintain cohesive messaging across all channels. That’s something Walker Sands can help you do. We have a defined process to identify key messages, and develop an integrated PR and digital marketing approach.

You need a branding agency in San Francisco that generates greater brand awareness and increases business growth. And that’s the Walker Sands way. Ready to learn more? Contact us today. 

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