Finding the Best B2B Tech PR Firms in San Francisco

San Francisco is a hotbed for the latest and greatest innovations in B2B technology. Word about new companies and startups spreads like wild fire. Why? Because these companies leverage top-tier B2B tech PR firms in San Francisco. 

Any good business owner will tell you that public relations is an integral part of a successful business plan. And in a competitive market like San Francisco, strong public relations can play a huge role in determining the success of your company.

4 Things to Look for From B2B Tech PR Firms in San Francisco

B2B tech PR is critical for raising your company’s visibility among target audiences and consumers. If you partner with a subpar PR firm, you’ll get a lackluster program that doesn’t generate results and misses important opportunities for brand awareness and lead generation. 

When you need to gain recognition in a crowded marketplace, you can’t afford to get stuck with a PR agency that isn’t effective. So, when you’re on the hunt for B2B tech PR firms in San Francisco, it’s helpful to stick to a short list of criteria. The agency you select should:

  • Media Relationships. If there’s one thing journalists hate, it’s getting spammed with generic pitches that aren’t relevant to their beat. Your PR agency should established connections with media contacts at key publications. When industry journalists need commentary on a topic or trend, they’ll turn to your PR agency for a source – and that source could be you. 

  • Industry Knowledge. New products and trends are constantly emerging in B2B tech. PR agencies that don’t understand the B2B tech sector can’t maximize media opportunities. Although you’ll need to give your PR firm a rundown of your company’s specific products and offerings, your PR team should have a solid working knowledge of the B2B tech industry as well as your target market.

  • Digital Services. Digital services work synergistically with traditional public relations efforts, so it’s important that your PR agency can provide digital capabilities like SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing, web development and more. 

  • Measurable ROI. The best PR firms in San Francisco can demonstrate measurable ROI. Before selecting an agency, ask about key metrics like number of placements, search rankings, social shares, site visits and content downloads. 

Researching PR Firms in San Francisco? Say Hello to Walker Sands

You can’t afford to settle for less-than-effective B2B tech PR. You need a firm with an in-depth knowledge of the industry, reliable media connections and a knack for generating results.

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