Marketing Automation to Support Field Marketing Efforts

Tapping the power of marketing automation to support field marketing efforts can result in better sales results.

B2B field marketing is typically face-to-face marketing. It involves things like running workshops with prospective customers, organizing networking events or showcasing a product demo at an event.

Given the face-to-face nature of field marketing, you might not think digital technology would be all that useful to field marketers. But it turns out the best field marketing organizations tend to be the ones that have embraced marketing automation.

Prospecting for B2B Field Marketing Event Attendees

While field marketers may not close sales per se, they need to close the deal on getting attendees to their events. That outbound marketing effort can benefit from marketing automation just like any other sales funnel can.

Here are a few marketing automation tips for field marketers:

  • Ask Marketing to give you information about anonymous visits to your organization’s website. Most marketing automation solutions will do a reverse IP lookup on a visitor’s IP address to identify the company the visitor works for. With these company names in hand, a field marketer can prioritize their outreach to organizations that are most likely to accept an invitation to an event.
  • Make sure you get access to the marketing automation system’s activity and lead score data. Field marketing outreach will tend to be much more successful the more you know about the prospect’s prior engagement with your brand.
  • Take advantage of your marketing automation system’s email marketing capabilities. You can get more engagement for your field marketing activities if you automate the outreach with smart messaging tailored to niche audiences. Start with simple emails and then move on to more complex drip campaigns.
  • Demand the ability to efficiently capture lead data when you are out in the field so it can be fed directly into the marketing automation system. The sooner the information is captured, the more likely it is to generate results. In the modern era, most marketing automation solutions allow lead capture forms to be created that are mobile friendly. With simple automation logic, you can even set it up so you’re sending a personal email to a prospect you met in the field, teed up just by your entering their content information into the system.

Most of this functionality is built into your marketing automation system and requires very little setup or customization. But you may also want to look at third-party products for field marketers (e.g. AtEvent, Akkroo, etc.). Make sure you only look at solutions that are integrated well with your marketing automation system.

Get Help from the Marketing Automation Experts

If you’d like to improve your use of marketing automation to support field reps, our marketing automation consultants would love to assist. We’re particularly strong at helping B2B clients. We are a top Marketo marketing automation consultancy but we also have certified experts focused on Hubspot and Pardot. Regardless of your platform, we can help you improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your field reps.

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