Marketing Automation Staff Augmentation

Marketing automation is awesome until you lose a key team member and find that all your institutional knowledge has walked out the door.

When critical in-house resources leave or are overburdened, our marketing automation staff augmentation solutions can bridge the gap.

If you need to make progress on marketing automation in a hurry, the sooner we talk, the better.

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Marketing Automation Recruiters and Search Firms

Yes, if you are short-staffed on marketing automation talent, you can reach out to a recruiting firm that specializes in marketing automation. Unfortunately, you’re likely to find that the marketing automation search firms are also struggling to attract talent to fill their clients’ many open marketing automation job descriptions.

As large global companies see the value in coupling integrated marketing with automated marketing, demand for seasoned marketing automation hires is outpacing supply. Marketing automation salaries are on the rise, as well. It’s just a very tricky time for hiring marketing automation folks.

This is where a marketing automation agency like ours can help you switch gears from recruiting frustration to actually making progress on your marketing automation goals. We can assist on a short-term, mid-term or even long-term basis.

Given our ability to bring a wide range of talents to a variety of initiatives that will ebb and flow on your timeline, it’s often the case that we are more cost-effective than hiring a team that may ultimately prove to be more transient than you expected.

Inoculating Against Marketing Automation Turnover

We can also help you with documenting your marketing automation strategy, plans and workflows.

When a key employee who knows your marketing automation platform inside and out leaves, you’ll want to be able to quickly onboard and train your new hires. Our clients often bring us in to create those knowledge transfer assets to mitigate the risk of losing all your institutional knowledge when you have staff turnover.

Outsourced Expertise in the Top Marketing Automation Platforms

Let’s get started. We have what you need — marketing automation experts who are well-versed in the top marketing automation solutions:

  • Marketo Consulting – Need outsourced Marketo support? We provide a wide range of Marketo marketing automation services. Our staff includes numerous Marketo-certified consultants.
  • Pardot Consulting – Our first foray into marketing automation was our own use of Pardot. We’ve mastered it for ourselves, and now provide Pardot consulting services to a wide range of B2B clients.
  • Hubspot Consulting – With a passion for Hubspot and deep experience in driving better business results, our Hubspot marketing automation consultants can assist with everything from setup to landing page creation to conversion rate optimization.

How We Can Help

Our marketing automation consultants can assist with every possible marketing automation task, including but not limited to:

  • Helping with procurement of the marketing automation solution;
  • Running an audit or assessment on your existing instance;
  • Helping you to develop your marketing automation strategy;
  • Porting your company from one marketing automation solution to another;
  • Conceptualizing and building out all your campaigns;
  • Building landing pages and helping with conversion optimization;
  • Integrating third-party solutions with your marketing automation software;
  • Assisting with analytics and reporting to get better insights on KPIs and revenue attribution

It’s a long list of marketing automation capabilities and skills accrued over many years working in the trenches where all that matters is getting leads in and getting them through the sales pipeline to close.

Through countless integrated marketing and marketing automation assignments, we’ve learned a ton along the way, and all that knowledge is ready for your use. Take just a minute now to get in touch with our team.

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