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Most Small Businesses Do Not Have a Website

Ken Gaebler

Ken Gaebler

I’m a big fan of small business owners.

I’m also a huge fan of using web sites to generate business.

So, I was disappointed to hear that 55 percent of small businesses still don’t have a web site, according to a recent survey by Discover.

Of the 55 percent of small business owners who don’t have a web site, 57 percent say their businesses will never have one; 29 percent say they will; and 14 percent are not sure.

I’m trying to think of a business that wouldn’t do well to have a website, and I’m drawing a blank.

Small, medium, or large – you need to have a website to represent your organization well and generate more revenues and profits.

If a company doesn’t have a website, it’s probably a sign that the business is not being run well or that things are going so well they don’t need new customers.

I don’t know too many business owners that are turning away business, so I’m guessing most firms that don’t have a website are dysfunctional on other fronts too, in addition to getting a failing grade at using the Web to grow their businesses.

Am I missing something here? Does anybody else find it extremely odd that so many small businesses don’t have a website?