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From Cloud Communications to PR Pitches, Crafting a Clear Message is Key

Caroline Watson

Caroline Watson

Cloud companies have long struggled to clearly explain exactly what it is that they do. While tech experts may understand their jargon, the rest of the public often sees it as nonsense.

Because of this, cloud companies have recently been placing increased importance on developing accessible, user-friendly messages. To that end, cloud startups and industry leaders alike are hiring editorial experts to help clarify their messaging and make it easier for the lay-person to understand. In her most recent LinkedIn Pulse piece, VP Meredith Eaton explores why these editorial hires are such smart moves.

Think about Quentin Hardy, for example. Hardy recently left a sought-after gig as deputy tech editor for The New York Times to head a new Editorial Division at Google Cloud. He announced the news on Twitter, to an enthusiastic response from his followers. One user exclaimed, “[I’m] very glad somebody will be explaining this stuff in a way that makes sense to the rest of us.”

Telling your story well is a major component of your PR strategy. Whether you’re a cloud company or not, it’s essential that potential customers – and journalists – understand your message. Reporters admittedly appreciate it when you reach out to them with simple, pointed stories, rather than overly wrought pitches.

The bottom-line: Keep messages simple, and don’t over-pitch.