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12 Articles on Digital Marketing that Deserve Reading

Jackie Lampugnano

I tend to get a little Delicious happy and bookmark tons of articles that I’ll probably never get a chance to read. Most of the articles I bookmark revolve around digital/social media marketing, but since there are a lot of those types of articles out there it’s hard to find the ones that are truly insightful or helpful. I had been meaning to look at my Delicious page and find the best articles but they just kept piling up. After a few months, I finally went through and read a bunch of articles I saved.

Here are some that I think are worth taking a look at:

1) Monitoring Public Opinion in Cyberspace: How Corporate Public Relations is Facing the Challenge. This is a downloadable white paper that includes a survey with Fortune 500 and 1000's and a study that looks at current trends in social media management, use, monitoring and importance in PR.

2) Are Businesses Drinking the Social Media Kool-Aid? This article gives a report on digital marketing budgets by various corporations.

3)’s 2009 Business Social Media Benchmarking Study. Here’s another downloadable white paper that lists about 3000 businesses’ social media efforts from the past year.

4) MarketingSherpa: New Chart: How Much of the Online Budget is Social Media Getting? This article shows how organizations allocate their online marketing budget.

5) 2010: The Year Brands Embrace Social Commerce. In this article you can read predictions about what social media will encompass in 2010: it mainly covers social commerce.*

6) 6 Social Media Stats You Can’t Live Without. This is a Pingdom study showing the audience of social media. The data is collected from 19 different social networking sites.

7)  Read about the shift to digital media and the implications it might have in the future.*

8) Social Networking Usage Surges Globally. Here you can review the findings of the Nielsen Company about the global average time spent on social networks, especially Facebook.

9) How Not to Fail at Going Global. This article highlights how the global population of Internet users is exploding and how companies can adapt Web design and social media content to fit with the changes.

10) How to Create Customer Intimacy with Content. This blog post gives tips on how to build and maintain relationships with customers via social media content.

11) 10 Free Social Media Tools Every PR Pro Should Master in 2010. Here you'll find a list of different monitoring and measurement tools that are useful for anyone who uses social media to promote a brand or organization.

12) 5 Great Ideas for Standing Out with Mobile. This article talks about the possibilities of mobile marketing, mainly focusing on mobile coupons and communication via SMS texting. 

There are really no hard and fast rules when it comes to digital/social media marketing so I find it’s always wise to read up on what others have to say to get some great ideas. I hope you found something useful in these articles. Do you have any I missed that you’d like to share?

*Some of the articles referenced in this post are no longer available to read.