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Webinar Recap: 4 Ways to Better Engage with Industry Analysts

Courtney Beasley

For startups and established companies alike, engaging with the Forresters and Gartners of the world can be challenging. Last week, Walker Sands President Mike Santoro and Spotlight Managing Partner Andrew Hsu, demystified the process for working with industry analysts. Their primary recommendation was to connect with analysts one-on-one. Learn which individual analyst covers your industry and connect with him or her to make their jobs easier and change the conversation about your company.

AR Webinar

Mike and Andrew offered a few tips to make the process of identifying and reaching out to analysts easier:

  • Make your company top-of-mind, without being pushy.
  • When researching past Magic Quadrants and Wave reports, find chapters where your company can fit.
  • Share your company’s story that aligns with the analyst’s research agenda.
  • Enthusiasm is as important as logistics management in the analyst relations process.

If you missed the webinar or want to learn more, download the full recap here.