Outcome-based Marketing: The Case for a Perspective-Shift in B2B

The last few years have been turbulent for the B2B marketing landscape. In the wake of the Great Resignation, rising inflation and economic uncertainty, C-suite executives are in the hot seat, and in turn are counting on their marketing leaders to deliver ROI by any means possible. 

But as the pressure to do more with less increases, marketing leaders and their executive teams are experiencing a disconnect. While in theory, marketers know that business outcomes are important, research shows that many are still taking a channel-first approach to their strategies. Consequently, they find themselves grappling to meet the expectations of the C-suite, whose focus is on business success, not marketing KPIs.

Based on survey data of 150+ marketing leaders and 50 non-marketing C-suite executives, Outcome-based Marketing: The Case for a Perspective-Shift in B2B Marketing explores the evolving expectations of CMOs and C-level executives while offering a new approach to B2B marketing to help align with the C-suite. 

Introducing Outcome-based Marketing (OBM), Walker Sands’ unique approach to B2B marketing, the report proposes a simple, more efficient way for B2B marketers to craft their strategies to ensure their initiatives directly contribute to overall business success.

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