Branding RFP Template: How to Streamline Your Search for a B2B Branding Agency

Finding the right branding agency for your rebrand can be a daunting task. 

You need a firm that not only has the deep industry knowledge to understand your business needs, but also the expertise to create a brand that will resonate with your target audiences and drive real business results. A well-crafted request for proposal (RFP) that clearly outlines your expectations and requirements will help get you there. 

Our comprehensive B2B rebrand RFP template has been designed by our branding experts to help streamline your search for the right B2B branding agency for your business. 

The template saves you time by providing clear guidance on how to articulate your brand goals, specify required agency qualifications, communicate budget and timeline, and more, with helpful examples for each. You’ll no longer have to wrestle with the headaches of creating an RFP from scratch or sifting through stacks of poorly written proposals.

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