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Social Media Monitoring and Reporting

If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Accordingly, we’ve developed a framework for social media monitoring and reporting that makes it easy to track your social media progress against the goals outlined in your social media strategy.

Social Media Monitoring

If you’re looking for more robust social media monitoring, Walker Sands can set up a program to track brand mentions, competitors, prospects and topics. Using Brandwatch and our proprietary analytics tools, we can provide you with insights into brand health, the competitive landscape, industry trends, sales opportunities and potential customer service problems.

Social Media Reporting and Benchmarking

In addition to our social media monitoring services, we offer a suite of social media reporting and benchmarking services that lets you track your social program against important KPIs (key performance indicators).

While it’s great to see your social media following and influence grow, we want to make sure those results translate into a competitive advantage. In addition to producing a monthly report that tracks basic growth metrics such as followers, mentions, clicks and conversions, Walker Sands can benchmark the competition on a quarterly basis to put those numbers in context. By comparing your success against a defined competitive set, we’ll help you understand how your social media program is helping you outperform competitors. Based on these reports, we can also analyze your social media metrics and make recommendations on how to strengthen engagement with your followers by determining the most effective topics, hashtags, posting times and content types for your target audiences.

Get the Data You Need to Monitor Progress and Make Needed Adjustments

By outsourcing social media monitoring and reporting to us, you’ll ensure that your in-house resources are not bogged down with tedious reporting activities. We send clients reports on a weekly or monthly basis and then walk through the results in a consultative fashion. You’ll get in-depth insights into how your social program is doing and will be able to demonstrate the value of your social media campaigns to your executive team.

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