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Generate positive brand sentiment and uplevel your marketing initiatives through informed B2B influencer marketing campaigns.

Generate buzz for your brand with B2B influencer marketing services

Think influencer marketing is just for B2C brands? Think again. Building relationships with B2B influencers — like reporters, content creators and academics — can significantly boost your B2B brand’s marketing efforts.

But whether your goal is to generate buzz for a product launch or major company announcement, an effective B2B influencer campaign can be labor-intensive. It takes time and expertise to manage activities like identifying and recruiting the right influencer, negotiating the terms of the agreement, carrying out the campaign and reporting on the campaign’s effectiveness.

At Walker Sands, our existing relationships and experience working with influencers across B2B industries enable us to strategize and execute impactful influence campaigns — and drive the outcomes that matter most to your business.

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Anne Miller
Associate Director, Social Media