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Innovative Twitter Microcontent Breaks Tessian Out of Industry Mold

Email security company leverages Twitter to amplify its bold brand voice above competitors.

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Cybersecurity presents a serious challenge, but that doesn’t mean industry messaging has to be dry and uninspiring. Leading integrated cloud email security platform Tessian stood out from competitors with its bold brand voice — but its unique tone wasn’t translating to its social media presence, where a focus on company-owned content failed to connect with key audiences. 

With the goal of increasing brand awareness and driving engagement, Walker Sands created a strategic Twitter microcontent program that inserted Tessian into timely industry conversations and prioritized audience interests over marketing messages, leading to significant improvements in brand awareness, share of voice and brand sentiment.

increase in engagements

increase in impressions

increase in share of voice

The Challenge

Tessian struggled to produce a cohesive social media program due to internal bandwidth constraints, resulting in limited community engagement and low brand awareness. By pushing mostly company-first content, the brand struggled to motivate its target audience of CISOs, industry influencers and cybersecurity professionals to engage with Tessian’s marketing-focused messaging. Tessian looked to Walker Sands to boost brand awareness, capture its audience’s attention and further differentiate the brand from competitors with a targeted, highly strategic Twitter program.

The Solution

Based on insights gleaned from social listening, the Walker Sands social team saw an opportunity for Tessian’s bold perspective to own the cybersecurity conversation on Twitter. The team went to work developing a microcontent program that would empathize with Tessian’s IT audience while also embedding the brand in relevant dialogue. 

To engage Tessian’s audience on social media, our team leveraged Tessian’s unique brand personality to develop a witty, yet informative voice for Tessian on Twitter. By communicating in a warm and practical way, Tessian’s Twitter presence would use digestible descriptions and insider understanding to connect with IT professionals.

Our team of social media strategists and copywriters then used social listening tools to discover trending conversations within the cybersecurity industry — including topics like phishing, email security, CISO general woes and human error — to determine where Tessian could contribute to existing audience conversations. Through the use of niche humor and empathetic commentary, Tessian avoided its typical marketing-focused messaging to engage with its audience in a more personal way. Popular graphics and GIFs helped further connect key trends and news (both inside and outside of the cybersecurity industry) back to Tessian’s core audience of CISOs and cybersecurity professionals with relatable, engaging content.

The Results

Using Twitter microcontent tied to timely trends and themes, Tessian joined existing conversations in the cybersecurity community and met audience interests beyond the brand’s typical company-first owned content. The social program not only highlighted the brand’s unique personality in the traditionally dry cybersecurity industry, but also made significant strides in audience engagement and share of voice. In just three months, the social media program delivered huge improvements, including:

  • 49,370 impressions  (1,477% increase)
  • 6.2% share of voice (5.2% increase)
  • 69% positive brand sentiment (12% increase)
  • 1,441 engagements (1,537% increase)

Ultimately, Walker Sands successfully transferred Tessian’s relatable, cutting-edge brand voice to social media, allowing the brand to engage with its audience in a more personable and impactful way.

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