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Tip Sheet: The Do’s and Don’ts of B2B Video Marketing

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B2B video marketing is gaining traction across industries. This is no surprise, as 74 percent of B2B marketers now believe video content converts better than other content types.

Learn key do’s and don’ts for five of the most common types of B2B marketing videos, including:

Case Study
Bring what you do to life so prospects can imagine what it might be like to work with you. It can also inspire current clients to take on new work they didn’t know you were capable of executing.

Interview-based Thought Leadership
Demonstrate your knowledge of recent research or an industry trend by interviewing experts at your business on the topic and its potential implications.

Event Cover
Show clients, prospects and potential employees your business is actively engaged in your target industry by recapping a recent event you attended or hosted.

Future Prep
Showcase thought leadership on a specific industry or topic and provide expert recommendations or predictions of what’s to come.