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Cards Against Marketers: A Necessary Diversion for B2B Marketers

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From public relations, social media and content marketing to SEO, pay-per-click advertising and live video, the menu of tactics B2B marketers need to serve up grows each quarter.

Long story short, adaptation can be difficult.

Tasked with running a results-oriented marketing program, your day-to-day can feel like a firehose of questions and requests from your sales team, your C-suite and your product developers.

You need a better distraction.

In search of ways to generate timely content, you may find yourself on a futile hunt for ways to connect your company’s services with this week’s highlights from The Bachelor.

At Walker Sands, we know that striking the right, revenue-generating balance between paid, owned and earned media has its ups and downs. The modern B2B marketer’s struggle is real, but the fight to fill your pipeline with qualified leads won’t be won with hard work alone.

Every so often, you need to play hard, too.

The Game Marketers Never Knew They Needed

Inspired by the infamous Cards Against Humanity party game, Cards Against Marketers offers B2B marketing pros an opportunity to step back from the daily grind – and find a way to laugh about their biggest sources of stress.

Fill out the form for access to a full deck of open-ended prompts, fill-in-the-blanks and #buzzwords that only a marketer can love, including:

  • How can we get more engagement on social?
  • Content is ______.
  • The Uberization of _______.
  • Paradigm shift
  • Sticky navigation
  • Gen Z

Because sometimes the best answer to “How do we get into The Wall Street Journal?” is simply, “LaCroix.”