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Packaging Design

Put the best product in the world in an ugly package and it won’t sell. You won’t be able to give it away.

In this world, perception is nine-tenths of reality. To be successful, your product has to instantly connect with prospective purchasers and make a positive first impression. The best way to accomplish that is through effective packaging design.

We design packages that have a proprietary look and exude vision, value and authority. Our packaging designs are never just another face in the crowd. Line up packages designed by others on a shelf with packages designed by us and guess which products customers reach for first? Ours. Yours. Always.

And that’s just based on visual appeal. In addition to looking great, we drive home your positioning and messaging strategies with great copy, highlighting the most important messages with outstanding typography and design. In the end, the packaging we design for you commands attention and aggressively sells the products it is entrusted to contain.

What We Do For You

  • Packaging Design Planning Session. We meet with your team to discuss your products objectives and features, as well as who your users are and their tasks, intentions, and goals. We brainstorm on graphical treatments and copy ideas. We define the key goals for the packaging, against which are designs will be measured.
  • Design Prototyping. We develop designs that we think will meet the project objectives. Typically, we will present design prototypes to you as 2D images, but we also render your product in 3D to give you a feel for how the final packaging might look.
  • User Testing. In accordance with our obsession with user-centered design, we run the designs by users to get their reaction to the packaging. We present user design feedback to you.
  • Design Refinement. Based on user feedback, we refine the packaging design.
  • Production. We take the project through to completion, working with you to source the best suppliers for the job and doing everything necessary to get the packaging design project completed to your satisfaction.

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