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NewsCred Demand Generation Strategy

A highly-targeted PPC strategy delivers leads
from Google, Visa, Pepsi and other major brands.


PPC conversion rate


LinkedIn conversion rate


Leads over two months

“The Walker Sands team is an absolute pleasure to work with. Extremely intelligent and knowledgeable, explaining in detail our strategy and working side by side with our team to develop programs that not only drive conversions from the leads we care about, but also to develop programs that achieve measurable business outcomes. So far, our conversion rates are far above industry benchmarks and the leads we are bringing in are top quality. Looking forward to more success as we continue to work with the team at Walker Sands.”

 — Marie DiDominica; Sr. Manager, Field and Customer Marketing at NewsCred
Mockup of NewsCred paid ads

Project Overview

NewsCred’s innovative enterprise content marketing platform, expert services and diverse content offerings support the marketing departments of AIG, Bank of America, Estee Lauder, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft and more. NewsCred challenged Walker Sands to deliver high-quality leads on a total monthly budget of $5,500 across channels. In a little more than four months, Walker Sands’ PPC campaign for NewsCred delivered 482 high-quality leads, 186 of which were on the NewsCred prospect list.

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