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Magnetic Demand Generation Strategy

A strategic, optimized paid search program improves conversion rates while reducing cost-per-lead.

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Magnetic’s marketing platform uses massive amounts of data to uncover purchase intent for enterprises and brands around the world.

But when it was time to figure out how to attract and convert more leads for its own business, Magnetic turned to Walker Sands to develop a results-focused demand gen strategy.

Average conversion rate, up from 0.6%

Decrease in cost per lead

Peak conversion rate

The Challenge

Magnetic offers a best-in-class marketing platform that uses proprietary data analysis to determine purchase intent and behavioral insights.

Despite the strength of its technology and an existing relationship with another digital firm for site changes, the company needed to improve lead generation and conversion.

To drive and convert new leads, Walker Sands developed and proposed a strategy built on a more robust paid search program and other lead gen initiatives.

The Solution

The Walker Sands team launched the engagement with a careful analysis of Magnetic’s audiences, followed by a full restructure and build out of the company’s paid search program.

With a focus on Magnetic’s service offerings, the upfront analysis and program restructure allowed the team to target a robust set of keywords, including long-tail terms that were more likely to resonate with potential customers.

Over time, Walker Sands refined and optimized the program to increase conversion rates and reduce cost per lead. The team also worked with Magnetic to significantly improve PPC landing pages to drive additional leads and further increase conversion rates.

The Results

Walker Sands continues to work with Magnetic on its lead generation and conversion capabilities. By understanding the company’s audience(s) and tapping into the agency’s accumulated expertise in paid search and other digital marketing activities, the Walker Sands team has helped Magnetic continuously improve conversion rates and reduce cost-per-lead.

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