PR & Marketing for Distribution & Logistics Companies

As consumer and business needs evolve, 3PLs and logistics providers must embrace new technology and processes to meet growing market expectations. Even more, these providers must communicate their brand value with the retailers and manufacturers who rely on distribution services to put their products on customers' doorsteps.

Walker Sands works with fulfillment, logistics and distribution businesses to deliver compelling messages to the audiences that matter most. We understand the ins and outs of your industry. We know where and how key audiences consume content and the information they're interested in, and we build customized PR and marketing programs to address the specific needs of your prospects.

Our strategies include:

  • Media relations that target industry-specific publications like Inbound Logistics, Supply Chain Management Review, Logistics Quarterly and more.
  • Robust content marketing geared toward target audiences. This includes white papers, tip sheets and blog posts strategically focused in prospects at different stages of the buyer journey.
  • Brand messaging to hone in on your narrative and communicate it with key audiences.
  • Integrated marketing campaigns designed to drive brand awareness, generate leads and fill your sales pipeline.

Distribution & Logistics Client Expertise

When you work with Walker Sands, you're tapping into teams of dedicated distribution & logistics experts. We position your company as a strategic supply chain partner that helps brands scale their fulfillment operations to keep pace with growing industry demands.

We work with companies specializing in:

  • E-commerce fulfillment
  • Third-party logistics and distribution
  • Residential and corporate relocations
  • Logistics management software
  • Specialized transfer services and storage
  • Van line partnerships
  • International trade and customs brokerage

Walker Sands doesn't take a one-size-fits-all approach to PR and marketing. We develop and execute programs based on your unique business goals, keeping audiences engaged through every step of the buyer journey, leading to a full sales pipeline and new revenue opportunities.

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