Important Brand Credibility Tactics

Brand credibility tactics can help position your brand positively among key internal and external stakeholders, including customers, analysts, reporters, bloggers and employees. At Walker Sands, we develop and execute lasting brand building programs to position your company in the best light among your most important audiences.

One of the most important goals of marketing is building brand credibility—and for good reason, executing brand credibility tactics provides significant value to companies. A strong brand weathers the test of time, rebounding from negativity and connecting with consumers on a more personal level.

Benefits of Brand Credibility Tactics

Brand credibility tactics yield several important business benefits, including:

  • Shortens sales cycles
  • Fosters positive word-of-mouth and online recommendations
  • Grows web traffic and generates leads
  • Increases brand awareness among key audiences
  • Aids in recruiting process
  • Generates media, analyst and blogger interest
  • Positions your company as a thought leader in your space

In today’s hypercompetitive, always-on corporate environment, you depend on brand credibility tactics to reach and influence your target markets. These tactics help disseminate your key messages across channels and motivate your customers to purchase and engage with your brand.

Critical Brand Credibility Tactics

There are several brand credibility tactics companies can execute to improve customer sentiment and position your brand as an industry leader:

  • Contributed Articles: Bylined articles in high-profile business and trade publications, including Forbes, Business Insider and Mashable, position your company and your experts as valuable resources who are at the cutting-edge of your industry. These placements draw attention to your company and its products, and increase brand awareness and perception.
  • Case Studies: Case studies demonstrate the real-world benefits of your company and products. Case studies are one of the most compelling brand credibility tactics companies can execute. They are a critical component of any content marketing strategy and get customers excited about working with you.
  • Interviews: Interviews with reporters and analysts raise your profile among industry influencers. It’s important to add value during any interviews, while positioning yourself as a thought leader on topics your audience cares about because that will be the key to landing ink in the next Forrester report or Inc. Magazine article.
  • Website Content: As the online face of your company, a strong website presence is one of the most crucial brand credibility tactics. Your website content, including blogs and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) content, can play an integral role as a virtual hub for your company, connecting your brand to customers. Website content should offer value to your audience and feature an easy to navigate site layout that simplifies information gathering for your customers.
  • White Papers and Original Studies: In-depth reports and analysis on key trends in the marketplace are brand credibility tactics that will set you apart from competitors and position your company as an expert in your field. White papers and independent research reports can get you covered in major media outlets, blogs and drive traffic to your website. Include a downloadable version of your white paper or report on your website to capture lead data to better nurture potential sales opportunities.
  • Speaking Engagements, Trade Shows and Awards: Prominent features and speaking opportunities at well-attended industry events and trade shows are high-impact brand credibility tactics that drive sales and business growth. Award wins further solidify your position as market leader in your sector to build customer trust and loyalty.

Walker Sands executes an array of brand credibility tactics for today’s leading B2B and technology companies, ranging from early-stage startups to well-established Fortune 500 companies. When the competition is heating up, our forward-thinking PR, search and social programs will separate your messages and products from the pack.

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