Executive Profiling

Elevate your thought leaders’ public personas, raise brand awareness and boost credibility with B2B executive profiling services.

Executive profiling uplifts your leaders — and brand awareness

Your company’s leaders are the face of your B2B brand. Through speaking engagements, media interviews and more, they can disseminate your messaging, raise brand awareness and build trust with your audiences. But developing your executives into public-facing thought leaders is easier said than done. You need an agency partner who can empower your C-suite with the tools they need to shine in the media spotlight, while staying true to their unique voices and beliefs.

At Walker Sands, we raise your leaders’ visibility and establish their authority with a suite of B2B executive profiling services including media training, thought leadership development, awards submissions and more. Whether you need to gain investors’ attention during a fundraising round or generally raise awareness among potential customers, executive profiling drives the business outcomes your brand needs.

Tablet mockup of an ad placement for Oak Street Health in support of the launching of their IPO.

Fast-track your engagement and growth

Support critical growth milestones like an IPO by securing high-profile media placements and contributed article opportunities for your executives, capturing the attention of customers, investors and potential partners.

Boost your brand’s reputation

Build your executives’ credibility by defining their unique thought leadership perspectives and shaping them into media-friendly narratives that attract reporters’ attention — and ultimately make a name for your brand.

Thought leadership articles from Affectiva on AI.
Phone mockup of a thought leadership article featured in The Fintech Times for ZayZoon.

Stand out and secure your position

Elevating your executives’ profiles and credibility lays the groundwork for launching a new product category, or owning an emerging industry trend or other marketing activities that affect your brand position.

Executive Profiling FAQs

What is executive profiling?

Executive profiling is an established PR strategy aimed at enhancing or building the reputation of your company’s C-suite and thought leaders. On the PR front, executive profiling involves equipping executives to adeptly handle interviews with the media, facilitating relationships with journalists, developing thought leadership angles, submitting award nominations, and coordinating speaking engagements. A comprehensive executive profiling program may also include content and social media services.

Which executives should we focus on for our executive profiling program?

Which executives to focus on depends on several factors, including:

  • Your broader marketing and communication strategy
  • The experience and confidence levels of your executives in effectively utilizing earned media opportunities
  • Your target audience(s)
  • The overarching goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) of the PR program

Some programs achieve success by limiting executive profiling to 1-2 key executives, while others may have a bench of 10 or more thought leaders. In general, C-suite titles tend to resonate more strongly with the media, especially national and top-tier outlets. However, other titles can be effective for highly targeted, niche audiences.

My executive only wants to be featured in top-tier media. How will you accomplish that?

Walker Sands employs a highly personalized and relationship-driven approach to media relations, especially when it comes to top-tier media. We start by understanding your goals and positioning, then identify specific reporters and craft personalized outreach plans. In most cases, building ongoing personal connections between your executives and target journalists is the cornerstone to securing top-tier coverage. For instance, we can arrange in-person coffee chats to enable reporters to get to know your executives on a one-on-one basis. Additionally, we work closely with your marketing team to make sure we have all the necessary elements for top-tier success, including compelling data, customer stories, announcements and more.

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Build trust and credibility with B2B executive profiling PR services.

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