Media + Presentation Training

Bolster your brand’s reputation and credibility by preparing your executives for the media spotlight.

Cultivate credibility through polished media and presentation skills

Your brand reputation hinges on your executives’ ability to communicate in a way that’s clear, concise and consistent with company messaging. Whether they need to improve their skill set to participate in journalist interviews or hone their public speaking skills for internal or external speaking engagements, we’re here to help.

Walker Sands’ comprehensive media and presentation training is a hands-on program led by our media experts, including former national business reporters experienced in interviewing company executives. We go a step further by conducting mock interviews so your executives can apply learnings and receive real-time feedback. The outcome? Your executives gain the confidence and skills needed to communicate and work with internal and external audiences, earning your brand credibility and future media opportunities.

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Hunter Stuart
Vice President of Media Relations