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Social Media

The most direct way to connect with your audience and enhance every campaign.

In today’s saturated, omnichannel landscape, it’s more important than ever to share your brand’s unique story.  Potential buyers want to know what makes your brand different, what you stand for, what value you can add and how engaged you are with the industry. Social media is where that narrative is built. It’s where people can get the most immediate sense of your company’s mission and truly understand what sets your company apart from the rest.

When done effectively, social media can connect your company and its story to millions of users, allowing your brand to engage in meaningful conversations, improve customer satisfaction, increase website traffic, grow share of voice, improve lead generation, drive ROI and much more.

Customize Your B2B Social Media Marketing Program

At Walker Sands, we offer strategic and customizable social media marketing services tailored to your goals. Because your business has its own set of unique challenges, we will work closely with you to create a customized, flexible strategy.

To ensure your business is getting the most value out of social media, our social media team will:

  • Create, maintain and optimize your social media profiles
  • Identify and engage with influencers in your space
  • Customize image and video bundles to maximize the impact of your content
  • Draft and curate compelling social media content in your brand’s voice
  • Ideate, execute and manage live Twitter and Facebook videos
  • Live-tweet events
  • Promote and celebrate your employees through custom employee advocacy programs
  • Manage executive team members’ Twitter and LinkedIn profiles
  • Design specific lead generation campaigns to drive web traffic and online conversions
  • Create, manage and optimize paid advertising campaigns aligned with your organic social media efforts
  • Provide monthly or quarterly reports that include basic growth metrics (e.g., followers, mentions, impressions, clicks and conversions) and advanced metrics (e.g., voice, social listening and sentiment reporting) to paint a complete picture of your brand health, customer service management and more.

The Four Stages of a Successful Social Media Program

The execution of your social media strategy goes through four key stages:

  • Research
  • Strategic Planning and Development
  • Management and Execution
  • Reporting and Optimization

Each of these stages is critical to the success of your social media program.

Walker Sands social media services process

Together, these development stages create a continuous cycle of strategy optimization to ensure our team is always meeting your business goals and effectively telling your brand’s story as you grow.

Increase Your Marketing Impact with Social Media

PR and marketing today are about engaging your audiences where they are, and consumers and businesses alike are engaging on social media every minute. With an active social media presence, you can not only keep your finger on the pulse of industry conversations – you can help shape those conversations.

At Walker Sands, we believe an integrated approach of PR, social, video and search is more powerful than any one of those initiatives by itself. By adding social media to your marketing mix, you can amplify every one of your awareness, demand generation and content marketing campaigns. Social media lends your marketing and PR efforts the immediacy and impact that no other channel can provide.

Let’s Talk Social Media

A successful social media strategy is all about creating compelling content that shares the story of your company and resonates with your followers. When you partner with the Walker Sands social media team, your brand’s story will be told in a way that sparks interest, engages the right audiences and drives more sales.

Let’s talk about how social media can enhance your marketing efforts. Get in touch today or check out our free B2B Social Media Audit for customized recommendations to strengthen your brand’s social media presence.

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