Marketing Automation and Demand Generation

With strong marketing automation and demand generation strategies in place, business goals that previously seemed daunting may now seem achievable.

That’s the power that marketing automation can bring to any organization focused on getting more leads and accelerating the buyer’s journey from lead to close.

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Enhanced Digital Marketing Personalization

Many of our marketing automation consulting services are geared around providing our B2B clients’ prospects and customers with more personalized engagement.

If you’ve done your Voice of the Customer (VoC) homework and have developed key messages, content marketing assets and calls to action for each of your target audiences in every germane stage of the customer journey, then you’re in good shape to apply marketing automation to personalizing engagement across every channel and touchpoint.

At minimum, that means tailored emails coupled with smartly designed and conversion-optimized landing pages, supported with online retargeting advertisements aimed at nurturing relationships and filling up the sales pipeline.

The marketing automation platform serves two roles in personalization. First and foremost, it’s a listening system. Marketing automation analytics can allow B2B brands to understand what motivates individual customers. Second, those insights can be applied via outbound marketing, as you can use the data to fine-tune the experience to their preferences.

Amazingly, much of this can be done in real-time and at scale. Don’t worry. Marketers aren’t out of a job just yet, but marketing automation has made everything just a little bit easier, wouldn’t you agree?

Marketing Automation Accelerates Lead Generation

Before marketing automation, demand generation was usually static and scripted. Today, demand generation programs are dynamic and flexible. In the old days, it was mostly one-to-many broadcast marketing, whereas marketing automation has enabled one-to-one marketing.

Marketing automation triggers allow the system to do things like send a certain email if and only if a specific action or event occurs. A prospect’s visiting a product page on your website, for example, might trigger a series of nurture emails about the product. Triggers can be based on a zillion things, such as when a prospect clicks on an email link or visits a certain number of pages on your website. Even a sales rep recording a call or entering a certain field value in the CRM system can be a trigger to a given drip campaign.

In the background, the marketing automation accumulates all of the data, which allows for complex triggers, such as having a sales rep call a prospect if they’ve been to company events and have downloaded one or more white papers. Almost every marketing automation now lets you assign points to events that are added to a lead score, which means you can define triggers based on the value of the lead score too.

You can also connect your marketing automation data to your paid advertising programs. On behalf of our B2B clients, we’ve used a very effective technique that integrates Marketo and LinkedIn to do just that. Based on the business rules we define, certain Marketo audiences are mapped to our LinkedIn sponsored post campaigns, which allows us to get very tailored messages in front of very specific audiences (e.g. heads of logistics at big box retailers). Never possible before, and it’s a joy to automate this type of thing and watch the sales roll in.

This is truly powerful stuff that has transformed what is possible from a demand generation perspective. With the right setup and execution, you’ll be amazed at the leads you will get.

Experts Available for Your Marketing Automation Platform

What’s your platform? We’ve got top-notch Marketo consultants, dedicated Hubspot specialists, and serious Pardot expertise. If it’s one of the many marketing automation platforms that connect to Salesforce, there’s a good chance we know the platform.

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