How to Get Published

Are you wondering how to get published? If so, you’ve already taken the first step in ramping up your public relations and branding initiatives to generate leads, facilitate rapid growth and acquire new sales.

To ensure your efforts are effective in grabbing publishers’ attention and driving your audience to learn more about your company and products, follow these critical steps and learn how to get published:

How to Get Published

Choosing a Thought Leader

You may choose one or more thought leaders in your company. Larger organizations or companies with several different practice areas tend to have multiple thought leaders, while a small business may have just one. Be sure to choose a thought leader that is an expert in her field and extremely knowledgeable about your products and recent industry trends. The thought leader also needs to be able to invest the necessary time into learning how to get published and writing a compelling article.

Choosing a Topic

When figuring out how to get published, choosing a topic is a critical step. Make sure to choose a topic that your audience is interested in and is relevant to your brand. For example, if you are a mobile app developer and your audience is retailers, you could write an article about pitfalls to avoid with retail mobile apps.

Pitching a Publication

Identify your target publications when deciding how to get published. Keep your audience and business goals in mind when selecting a relevant publication and editor to reach out to with your story idea. Make sure to craft a compelling headline and provide evidence as to why your article will be a good fit for the publication’s audience.

Writing and Delivering Your Article

When contributing an article, you should adhere to the particular publication’s guidelines and word count. Usually, you can find these online on the publisher’s website or request the information from the editor you’re working with.

As you’re writing your article, you will have an opportunity to weave in your core messaging in a non-promotional way. Leverage statistics and timely news trends to make your article especially timely.

The Art of Following Up

Keep in touch with the editor you worked with to get published. Be friendly, dependable and accessible. There may be an opportunity to contribute more articles in the future, making it easier for you to know how to get published.

Benefits of Knowing How to Get Published

Now that you understand how to get published, you can begin to reap many of the benefits of successful public relations campaigns and content marketing strategies. However, it’s important to realize the commitment a full-blown program will require—one that delivers significant return on investment, builds your brand reputation, fosters loyalty and repeat purchases, and most importantly, drives sales and quality leads to your website.

A top-notch public relations and marketing partner is the best way to get the job done. A good partner will explain exactly how to get published and execute strategic public relations campaigns that are aligned with your brand’s core values and competencies. PR will deliver a solid return on investment in the form of awareness, sales growth and increased positive sentiment around your brand.

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