How to Build Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a key component of successful public relations campaigns. Generating recognition for your brand can help improve factors such as sales cycle and cash flow performance of your business, as well as increase engagement with current and future customers.

By increasing awareness and recognition for your brand, you’ll gain a strong base of loyal customers that know they can count on you for the best products and services in your industry.

Tips for Building Greater Brand Awareness

Let’s face it – the marketplace is filled with brands competing to make their names the most recognizable among consumers. Without the right brand strategy, your company can miss out on huge revenue opportunities.

To avoid becoming just another name in the industry, here are a few key tips that can help you build greater brand awareness:

  • Target Specific Audience Segments. The foundation of garnering awareness for your brand is understanding who exactly you want to reach. Hone in on capturing the attention of key consumers and buyers. This includes customers, influencers and corporate decision makers. When you have a greater focus on the audience most likely to purchase from you, you can focus on increasing recognition and perception for your brand among those buyers.
  • Leverage Search Engine Optimization. Customers are constantly searching the Internet using keywords that relate directly to your product or brand. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help to improve search ranking in Google and other search engines. Using a granular keyword inquiry, you can uncover the terms that potential customers are searching for and develop content that is optimized with these terms. This will help drive your SEO to the top of search rankings and help increase awareness for your brand.
  • Establish a Social Media Presence. Customers use social media to look up information about products and ask friends or peers for recommendations. Establishing a social media presence puts you in front of those consumers and presents an opportunity to reach out and engage with them. You have the chance to share compelling content and get in on relevant conversations with buyers.

Walker Sands: Your Trusted Partner in Creating a Brand Awareness Strategy

Walker Sands is an integrated public relations agency that combines several strategies to help generate awareness for brands in the B2B technology sector. Our careful approach focuses on the uniqueness of your brand and leverages both PR and digital methods including social media, SEO and digital marketing.

When you trust Walker Sands to create your brand awareness strategy, you’ll experience an uptick in lead generation, business growth and profit margins. Ready to learn more? Contact us today.

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