Ecommerce Marketing PR

Firms that market solutions to ecommerce companies need a PR agency with a track record supported by actual results in this space. Walker Sands has that.

Visibility and industry authority are the expected outcomes of an effective PR program. To rise to the top, you need an ecommerce marketing PR firm that is experienced, connected and knowledgeable about the world of ecommerce.

Walker Sands is a Chicago ecommerce public relations firm with a reputation for delivering strategic PR solutions to firms that sell to ecommerce brands. Our team specializes in crafting your company’s messaging into a comprehensive PR strategy that resonates with media targets, industry analysts, prospective investors and anyone your brand needs to influence.

But public relations for ecommerce marketing companies requires more than great messaging. It also needs the right audience. At Walker Sands, we maintain ongoing and current relationships with key media outlets, analysts and industry insiders. Our connections, combined with our PR Account Managers, help us to get you in front of the right folks…key decision-makers at firms that are likely to be interested in your offerings.

If your PR strategy calls for it, we’re fully prepared to facilitate press/analyst tours or introductions, identify executive speaking opportunities and nominate your brand for high profile awards in ecommerce.

Whether you offer credit card processing services, hosting, ecommerce software, web analytics solutions or other products and services related to ecommerce, we have the team you need to breakthrough to the next level of business growth.

At the end of the day, it’s quite simple: When it comes to PR for companies that market ecommerce-oriented products and services, you have a choice. You can choose a firm that is trying to break into the ecommerce space, or you can choose Walker Sands, a full-service Chicago PR firm that specializes in meeting and exceeding the PR requirements of today’s most aggressive ecommerce solutions providers.

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