Brand Perceptions

Customers may perceive your brand differently than internal stakeholders. It’s a phenomenon we see a lot at Walker Sands. Owners, executives and internal marketing units base their decisions on a brand image that is radically inconsistent with their customers’ actual wants and needs.

Synchronization is an obvious first step in creating an effective marketing strategy and ultimately, a successful brand. When we partner with a business client, one of the first things we look for is a brand image that is tuned into the marketplace. If it’s out of whack, there are several areas where we focus our efforts.

  • Internal perceptions. Synchronization begins by reorienting internal perceptions to line up with your company’s core competencies and mission. If the internal reality is different than the image you project to your customers, our team works with you to either realign inside processes or influence the perception of the brand in the marketplace.

  • Offline branding. Coherency demands the complete integration of your company’s internal reality with every aspect of the brand. Offline branding objectives can be wide-ranging, but typically address things like logos, taglines, literature and other branded communication vehicles.

  • Online presence. It’s more important than ever to synchronize your brand’s internal reality with its presence online. Websites, blogs and other Internet-based assets must be completely aligned with offline content using a combination of professional insights and technological solutions (e.g. content management systems).

  • Messaging & content. Messaging and content are central to brand synchronization. Although it may be possible to refocus existing brand content, it will likely be necessary to create fresh content in order to completely align your messaging with your core competencies.

  • Strategic marketing. At Walker Sands, we’re concerned about more than bringing your current content and imaging up-to-date. To further enhance the value of your brand, we’ll work with you to implement strategic marketing concepts that strengthen your synchronized brand profile both online and offline.

You can’t afford to trust amateurs with your rebranding and synchronization. Get in touch with Walker Sands, a leading Chicago branding and positioning firm, today and let us help you create a brand that connects with the marketplace.

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