3 B2B eCommerce Trends

Like many market sectors, B2B eCommerce is constantly evolving to accommodate changes in technology, buyer behaviors and other variables. Keeping current with the latest B2B eCommerce trends isn’t easy—but to stay ahead of the competition, it’s critical to understand the developments and influences that will shape the industry over the next 12 months and beyond.

B2B eCommerce Trends to Watch

At Walker Sands, we work hard to help our B2B technology clients achieve measurable benefits from their PR and digital marketing investments. To maximize opportunities for our clients, we routinely monitor the marketplace for the latest trends and developments—and here are three B2B eCommerce trends that we think are worth watching over the next year:

B2B buyers are going online.

Encouraged by the features and rich experiences they enjoy in the consumer online marketplace, large numbers of B2B buyers are going online to shop and to complete purchases. But here’s the catch: when they arrive on your company’s website, they expect the same convenience and features they receive from their favorite consumer brands.

To respond to buyers’ needs, leading B2B eCommerce technology companies are investing in the creation of robust digital ecosystems and online strategies that are designed to capture a larger share of the eCommerce pie.

Mobile matters more than ever.

Most serious players in the B2B space recognize the importance of mobile for effective online commerce. From tablets to smartphones to wearables, on-the-go B2B audiences are using mobile to connect with brands and products that are important to their companies.

Going forward, expect growth-minded companies to continue to invest in mobile sales channels and other mobile commerce strategies—but look for them to do it in ways that are closely aligned with sales cycles and buyers’ changing mobile behaviors.

Omni-channel integration continues to be a brand imperative.

Like consumers, B2B buyers want seamless brand experiences. Although a presence on a diverse range of channels is critical for B2B eCommerce providers, it’s important to make sure that the experience is integrated across all available channels.

To create seamless, omni-channel experiences, B2B brands will need to invest even more focus on content, branded elements, personalization and other features that prospects and customers to effortlessly transition between channels.

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