How to Leverage PR for eCommerce Technology

The demand for online retail is driving new opportunities in PR for eCommerce technology. In the field of public relations, PR for eCommerce technology is emerging as a specialized service category and a key driver of performance for companies that provide cutting technologies to B2B and B2C eCommerce firms.

But while most tech companies are familiar with the benefits of public relations, many don’t realize that PR for eCommerce technology companies requires a nuanced understanding of the marketplace as well as the unique dimensions of campaigns that deliver best-in-class PR for eCommerce technology providers.

The bottom line is that even though many public relations firms include PR for eCommerce technology in their service offerings, it’s important to work with an agency that specializes in helping technology brands promote their brands and products to specific audiences in the online commerce sector.

Strategies for Leveraging PR for eCommerce Technology

Effective PR for eCommerce technology places your business at the center of trends and conversations in the online retail and B2B marketplace. If web-based sellers are talking about it, it’s important for your brand to contribute to the discussion and serve as a catalyst for innovative thinking.

At Walker Sands, we focus on providing eCommerce technology companies with an integrated, research-driven approach to public relations. Our experience across a range of communication channels and relationships with trusted media outlets enable us to position your brand as a thought leader to CIOs, CTOs and other executive-level decision-makers.

As you begin your search for a PR for eCommerce technology agency, it’s important to look for firms that offer several core capabilities—all of which are vital components in a well-round PR for eCommerce technology strategy:

  • Thought Leadership – developing and executing opportunities to express your brand’s voice on trends discussed in industry-leading media outlets
  • Research – the use of innovative research and reports to position your brand as a trusted source of information
  • Speaking Engagements – participation in panels and other opportunities at major industry events, designed to improve networking with eCommerce decision-makers
  • Content Marketing – contributed articles and other content that engage key audiences and improve customer loyalty
  • Social Media – proactive social campaigns that build relationships with followers across a range of targeted social channels

From mobile payment technology to the latest innovations in e-commerce platforms, online commerce technology is changing the way consumers shop online. The pace of change in multichannel commerce technology is blistering and if your brand isn’t at the leading edge of the industry, you’re at back of the pack—struggling to capture the attention of eCommerce retailers and B2B sellers.

The constant evolution of the eCommerce marketplace means that you can’t afford to educate your PR for eCommerce technology agency about the latest trends and issues. Instead, you need an agency that is versed in the industry and can quickly understand the features that make your products unique.

Walker Sands’ specialization in B2B technology and PR for eCommerce technology firms has equipped us with a solid understanding of eCommerce trends and opportunities. Backed by a portfolio of eCommerce technology successes, we have the resources and expertise you need to stay ahead of the competition and to convert PR for eCommerce technology into measurable business advantage.