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Insider Intelligence Brand Identity

A new identity provides cohesion and clarity for leading research authority.

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For decades, subscription-based eMarketer had enjoyed recognition for its industry-leading market research — and its flashy red e-ball logo.

Likewise, news site Business Insider Intelligence was backed by the strong reputation (and branding) of its parent company, Business Insider. 

The Challenge

In 2020, the two companies joined forces to become Insider Intelligence. The union created a powerful subscription-based research and information services company — but also required a cohesive, memorable brand identity. Insider Intelligence needed a brand that communicated the value of its union while retaining the equity that made its two legacy brands shine.

The Solution

Walker Sands worked with Insider Intelligence to: 

  • Define and document a clear brand framework, including cohesive messaging and verbal and visual identity.
  • Retain brand equity of eMarketer and Business Insider by leveraging their strongest elements within the new brand.
  • Create comprehensive guidelines that define rules for implementing and scaling the Insider Intelligence brand.

The Results

The end result was a brand built on the best of both eMarketer and Business Insider Intelligence — bold colors, data-driven design and an editorial verbal style — while living up to Insider Intelligence’s new brand promise of powering business professionals’ next moves with clear and credible insights.

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