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Clever Ad Copy Drives Brand Affinity for Semrush

Using bold paid ad tactics, martech company captures the spotlight from competitors and inspires discussions across social channels.

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Semrush is a respected name in search marketing circles. But martech is a crowded space and capturing audience attention is never easy. To break through the noise, Walker Sands created and implemented a unique paid search campaign.

That campaign not only boosted Semrush’s click-through rates, but embedded the SEO technology provider in lively conversations across channels — generating buzz and driving affinity for the brand.

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The Challenge

Semrush needed a way to differentiate itself from its competitors and bolster the brand’s relationship with customers. As a strategic partner, Walker Sands saw an opportunity to engage audiences by taking advantage of Semrush’s unique tone and ramping up the brand’s creative expression in ad copy. But the strategy would require Walker Sands to strike a balance between creative engagement and the amplification of messaging that connected with Semrush’s audiences in a meaningful way.

The Solution

Walker Sands developed a paid search campaign to catalyze audience conversations and directly compete against other players in the space. Several iterations of ad copy were created to play off competitor names using wordplay and friendly banter.

By drafting creative copy, the team engaged users while staying within the parameters of paid search ads and tight character counts. Since Walker Sands was already familiar with Semrush’s voice from previous work on organic social platforms, the team was able to effectively apply the brand’s voice and tone to the ads in a way that connected with their audiences.

The Results

Semrush’s ad campaign inspired 30+ lively discussions among marketers across LinkedIn and Twitter. These conversations boosted brand affinity, sparked wider conversations about marketing itself and generated buzz across social channels. Ultimately, the strategy gave Semrush an edge and cemented the brand’s relationship with its customers.

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