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How CData Put a Product Launch in Motion

A data connectivity platform embraces visual storytelling to go viral with a new product launch.

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CData’s new product is a game changer for cloud-driven organizations — but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to explain. CData Connect Cloud revolutionizes enterprise data, giving organizations real-time access to insights through an intuitive, no-code interface.

From a marketing perspective, the platform’s impressive benefits get very technical, very fast. To convey its potential, the company needed a first touchpoint that brought clarity to the product’s impact.

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The Challenge

CData recognized that talking about the issues with data proliferation can only go so far. They came to Walker Sands for an explainer video that distilled CData users’ key pain points and used branded illustration and engaging animation to show how Connect Cloud changes the game. CData needed an introductory asset for the launch that simplified the complex platform, visualizing its business impact without getting too technical. 

With the product launch around the corner, CData was looking for a team that could work collaboratively and on a tight timeline. As this was the company’s first foray into animated explainer videos, they also sought a partner who could steer them through the process and elevate their illustration style, putting it in motion and ensuring alignment with CData’s brand.

The Solution

Using the company’s provided script and high-level direction as a north star, Walker Sands distilled the key message and adapted the narration to video best practices. The team then took inventory of CData’s current illustrations, mapping out a treatment that would give more meaning to the isometric application and block component that existed on its website. Using design inspiration provided by CData, the team developed an orb that visually represented a data point, leveraging colors to emphasize the disparate data across hundreds of cloud applications.

With a transformative but highly technical product, the team knew nailing these building blocks was essential to building a compelling video that didn’t have to sacrifice accuracy for aesthetic. Now, this design style can be repurposed through different marketing assets and future videos, tying them together with a cohesive style and visual language. With this foundation in place, Walker Sands sketched storyboards to explore specific visual treatments of highly technical data processes.

Following approval of the script and sketches, Walker Sands brought the video to life through full illustration and motion design. They introduced energetic movements to capture viewers’ attention and seamlessly transition from scene to scene, visually guiding audiences through key points. Reviews were structured to acquaint CData with the process while also soliciting timely, actionable feedback. Walker Sands collaborated with CData for the final touches on the video, sourcing music and voiceover talent that aligned with the brand’s approachable, friendly tone. 

The video launched on time alongside the CData Connect Cloud platform. The video served as the centerpiece for the product’s marketing campaign where CData built out other activations while directing new audiences to the video for an entry-level explainer.

The Results

The video made a splash almost instantly, racking up over 40,000 views in just 10 days — with minimal paid spend. This new explainer tool supercharged CData’s marketing team, leading one member to dub it “our greatest marketing asset.” Armed with dynamic, “mini-viral” top-of-funnel content, CData can enter sales conversations without wordy explanations of data proliferation and its perils. The video underscores their messaging that working with data shouldn’t be complicated, breaking down complex issues while solidifying CData Connect Cloud as the simplified solution.

Now, CData doesn’t have to tell prospects it’s an enterprise-data game-changer — it can show them.

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