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Why Blog?

Blogs have quickly entrenched themselves in the lexicons of most Internet users. A quick online search yields thousands of blogs on every imaginable topic, including a large number of company blogs designed to promote the brand, generate site traffic and inform customers about industry developments.

So let’s start with the bad news: blogs are a lot of work. Since a stale or outdated blog can have a negative impact on your business, blog owners have to be diligent about creating new blog content on a daily or weekly basis. Walker Sands works with our clients to make their business blogs as relevant as possible. In some cases, we even generate ongoing blog content to alleviate your in-house maintenance requirements.

The upside is that a blog can be extremely useful for online marketing. When we incorporate a blog into a client marketing strategy, we do so with the expectation of leveraging several key benefits.

Benefits of a Business Blog

  • Fresh content. We’re big believers in the idea that fresh content drives an effective online presence. Businesses sometimes struggle to generate fresh content streams. Blogs are easy mechanisms for internal (or outsourced) writers to routinely add new content that has been optimized for search engines.
  • Site traffic. Search engine algorithms consider a variety of factors in determining your site’s search ranking. But one of the most important factors is the amount of relevant and current content your site contains on a handful of targeted topics. Blogs conveniently churn out targeted content, inevitably boosting search rankings and site traffic.
  • Positive mentions. For most brands, negative online mentions are unavoidable. Blogs counter negative mentions by generating a high volume of positive mentions, pushing negative comments farther down the search rankings and negating their impact on the brand.
  • Niche authority. Blogs have the side effect of giving your business a new level of credibility with your customers and within your industry. We frequently use blogs to quickly establish authority and presence in an expansion market or to help our clients dominate a market niche.

Despite their many benefits, a blog-based marketing strategy should never be undertaken lightly. Contact the Walker Sands team today to learn how we can design a sustainable blog that is capable of meeting your company’s short and long-term marketing goals.

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