Marketing B2B to Gen Z: Web Content Marketing Strategies for Your Next Generation of Customers

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It might seem like Gen Z is just getting started in their careers, but the workforce’s youngest generation is already climbing the corporate ladder. By 2025, Gen Zers will represent nearly a third of the global labor pool. Before long, they will become decision-makers at their organizations.

What does this mean for B2B marketers? 

It’s time to move past the stereotypes and speak to the next wave of B2B customers authentically. The best place to start is your web content marketing strategy. As the front door to your business, your website has the power to create a strong first impression — or make Gen Zers feel misunderstood. 

So, who are your Gen Z customers? And how can you tailor your web content to meet their needs and preferences?

Speak Gen Z’s language

Gen Z’s digital-first mindset shouldn’t come as a surprise. However, technology has impacted this generation in ways that go much deeper than assumptions about their social media addictions and limited attention spans. 

Gen Z learned how to communicate online, so they possess a more casual communication style compared to older generations. Additionally, Gen Zers were exposed to digital advertising at a young age, so they’re hyper-aware of aggressive sales tactics. 

Your move: Talk like an expert, but keep Gen Z marketing content conversational and authentic.

Gen Z is bringing their more casual, authentic style to the workplace — and anyone marketing to them should follow suit. Although you shouldn’t resort to internet slang, you need to keep your web content real for Gen Z by: 

  • Using straightforward language: Avoid jargon and don’t over complicate your copy. Gen Zers will quickly understand when your voice is inauthentic or your content is “trying too hard.”
  • Never overselling: Gen Zers will run from excessive exclamation points and supposed “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunities. Rather than using empty language or overused phrases, be clear and upfront about what your product benefits.
  • Avoiding hyperboles: Rather than describing your product as “cutting-edge” or “innovative,” be specific about its strengths and let your audience decide. 

While Gen Z is the force behind the changing way B2B businesses talk to buyers, keeping content straightforward, clear and honest is best practice for all generations of audiences.

Make your content inclusive

Gen Z is the most diverse generation in history. They’re passionate about social equity, but they can tell when DEI-conscious messaging is only communicated for marketing’s sake. They won’t hesitate to call out performative messaging or platitudes.

Your move: Be inclusive — but make it genuine.

While inclusivity should be a tenet of your web content regardless of your audience, Gen Z is paying particular attention to inclusivity and accessibility.

In practice, inclusive web content looks like: 

  • Sourcing authentic content from an array of people and perspectives across your organization
  • Following content accessibility best practices to ensure all users have equitable access to your website
  • Avoiding overstatements, particularly about your organization’s DEI work

Establish trusting relationships

Gen Zers came of age during 9/11, the 2008 recession and the pandemic. Instability has been a constant throughout their lifetime, so it makes sense that they have low institutional trust scores

How does this impact your Gen Z marketing tactics? Just 42% of Gen Zers say they trust big business. That means this generation needs hard proof to feel confident in your product.

Your move: Prove it to establish trust with Gen Z.

Give Gen Z a reason to believe in your business with web content marketing that:

  • Shares transparent information: The more helpful and clear Gen Z finds information, the more likely they are to trust it. List prices and provide comparisons whenever possible. 
  • Leads with results: Seeing is believing for Gen Z. Establish trust by leading with proven outcomes from clients or reputable third-party sources.
  • Never overstates the truth: Gen Z doesn’t take much for granted. Always fact check your claims and never stretch the truth. 

Write for Gen Z and other buyers will follow

An authentic, inclusive and results-driven B2B content strategy won’t just help you attract Gen Z  — it will help you reach customers of all ages. 

Conversational, results-driven content makes it easier for anyone to understand your business’ proof points. And inclusive messaging makes your site more accepting and accessible to everyone, no matter their generation. 

Contact us to learn more about optimizing your web content for your next wave of customers.


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