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What Is Brand Management?

What is brand management? If you’re invested in improving your company’s visibility and market position, brand management is a term you need to understand. In essence, it refers to a process designed to ensure that your brand is accurately represented to target audiences. Sound easy? It’s not. In fact, brand management can be an extremely complex function since it communicates your brand across a broad range of online and traditional channels and touch points.

At Walker Sands, we specialize in helping B2B firms in technology and other industries better understand the “what is brand management” question. More importantly, we equip our clients with strategies, tactics and resources designed to position their brands as leaders in their fields.

Responding to the “What Is Brand Management” Question

For most B2B firms, brand management begins with carefully articulating and clarifying the story. Every brand has a story, and the more effort you invest in defining and distilling the essentials of your brand story, the more successful you will be in managing your brand and communicating your story to core audiences.

Equipped with a coherent and relevant brand story, you can begin to focus on several other dimensions of the “what is brand management” puzzle.

  • Key Messages. The creation and cultivation of key messaging is the foundation of successful brand management. In many ways, key messages define your brand in the marketplace, and tell your story to both new and existing customers. Focus on developing key messages around the most important aspects of your brand story and then look for creative ways to infuse those messages into all of your traditional and online promotional initiatives.
  • Differentiators. Differentiation is an important part of effective brand management. As your brand develops and matures, it’s critical to continually align your story, reputation and promotional efforts around the characteristics that set your business apart in the marketplace. By constantly reinforcing points of differentiation, your brand becomes more memorable and more visible to prospects and decision-makers across your industry.
  • Competitive Analysis. Competitive analysis is a prerequisite for brand positioning. Although you can’t successfully manage your brand without first clarifying the story, key messages and points of differentiation, you also need to understand the competition to effectively position your business in the marketplace. With the help of an experienced B2B agency, you can leverage competitive insights to tweak your brand image in order to take advantage of gaps and opportunities in the industry.

Answering “What Is Brand Management” with Walker Sands

Most B2B companies can significantly benefit from the services of a seasoned B2B PR and marketing agency. Leading marketing firms respond to the “what is brand management” challenge with a comprehensive range of resources and services designed to improve your organization’s brand reputation among target audiences.

Walker Sands is a full-service PR and marketing firm that specializes in helping companies in the B2B technology space leverage brand management for market advantage. Featuring a multi-disciplinary approach with expertise in both digital and traditional PR, we work alongside your organization’s key stakeholders to help manage your brand and achieve maximum exposure in today’s crowded B2B marketplace.

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