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Wearable Tech

Much in the same way smartphones changed the way we access information, wearable devices are changing the way we experience our environment.

From a wearable point-of-view HD camera to a smartwatch integrated with your phone, wearable tech has an incredible capacity to solve real-world problems, and do it with a seamless user experience.

Our approach to PR for wearable technology puts these stories front and center, whether it’s through an Engadget or Gizmodo product review or a feature on TechCrunch. Walker Sands’ expertise extends across the entire wearable tech spectrum and includes the following:

  • Fitness devices and applications
  • Wearable computing hardware
  • Third-party apps and technology integrators
  • Service providers, including incubators and accelerators
Sony Smartwatch 2 at Hackathon

Sony Smartwatch 2 at Hackathon (Photo: Iwan Gabovitch)

Wearable technology is leading the charge toward fully integrated computing – the “Internet of Things” that we’ve seen hyped again and again. Walker Sands recognizes the potential of wearables to move our society one step closer to this vision of connected platforms that speak to one another – from automotive and healthcare applications to household uses like home automation. And we should know. Our very own Mike Santoro was one of the original Google Glass Explorers.

If you’re interested in learning more about our experience with wearable technology PR, just drop us a line.

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