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Successful Strategies for Marketing to Marketers

In the B2B technology sector, marketing to marketers is not an easy feat. Marketers have an in-depth knowledge of the product landscape and are technologically experienced, which only increases the difficult task B2B marketers have when it comes to selling their solutions.

There are an endless number of marketing platforms available, with new ones emerging every day. To differentiate your technology and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace, you need to know how to market to today’s marketer.

Strategies for Marketing to Marketers

One common goal that marketers share is to implement technology that will result in the highest return on investment for their company and impress the CMO. Building a strategy around these ideals that spotlights you as an innovator and places you at the forefront of your industry is essential.

  • Distribute Content & Engage with Marketers on LinkedIn. A LinkedIn survey revealed that 91 percent of marketers use the social site to distribute their content, beating out previously popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter. In addition to sharing content, LinkedIn is a great platform for building your network of contacts, generating awareness for your brand and increasing the number of inbound, qualified leads. And according to the same survey, 50 percent of members are more likely to purchase a product or service from a company that they’ve engaged with on LinkedIn.
  • Conduct and Leverage Studies and Data Projects. Marketers constantly want to be ahead of industry trends – and you can benefit from being the one to present them with new information. With data-driven surveys, studies and white papers, you can unearth knowledge that marketing executives will see as fresh and innovative. Over time, corporate marketers and decision-makers will perceive your organization as an industry leader at the forefront of research, industry trends and new products.
  • Take Advantage of Thought Leadership Opportunities. Thought leadership hits on three key B2B marketing goals: (1) Increasing visibility for your brand, (2) generating new leads, and (3) building trust with both new and existing customers. Thought leadership can come in several forms, including contributed bylines in well-read industry publications, speaking opportunities at industry conferences and panels, as well as through digital newsletters. Developing a thought leadership strategy a key step in effectively marketing to marketers.

Simplify Marketing to Marketers with Walker Sands

As a marketing firm with years of experience in the B2B technology sector, Walker Sands is well-versed in deploying the right techniques to help your brand stand out in a highly saturated market. Some of our areas of expertise include marketing technology, marketing automation and digital marketing.

In an industry that doesn’t stay the same for long, it’s important to always be ahead of the curve – and Walker Sands can help you get there. To learn more about marketing to marketers, contact us today. 

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